Social Media Isn’t the Only Place to Amplify Your Message

Hosting a webinar is a big project — from creating the script, the presentation, the landing page, the email invitations, and any necessary follow up — but if you expect people to attend the webinar, you’ve got to promote it.

While there are a ton of different places to promote your webinar, we’ve narrowed it down to a manageable list. This way, you know exactly where to start promoting your next webinar.

Before you start sharing links anywhere, you’ll need to create an optimized landing page. This landing page should have all of the necessary information about your upcoming webinar. It should also make people want to register for it right away. This is the page you should link to during all of your promotion.

1. Implement an exit pop-up on your website

An exit pop-up appears when the website visitor starts to hover their cursor near the edge of a website, suggesting they might be about to leave. In this case, the exit pop-up would promote and link to your upcoming webinar.

2. Create a teaser video for your website and social media profiles

Make a simple video that explains what your webinar will be about and what attendees can expect once they register for it. If there are multiple presenters for the webinar, have everyone be a part of the teaser video. At the end of the video, tell people how to register and where to go.

3. Utilize webinar listing sites

There are several websites that only list webinars. Just fill out a simple form about your webinar and get yours listed on the site for free!

4. Put a link to your registration landing page in your email signature

This is a simple one, but hey, great marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. If you and/or your team is sending out lots of emails everyday, putting a link to your webinar landing page isn’t a bad idea.

5. Add the webinar information to all of your thank you/confirmation pages

Even though a thank you page indicates the completion of a conversion, you can still tell your customers what you want them to do next. And in this case, you want them to click on the link to your landing page and register for your webinar!

6. Use it as a call-to-action at the end of your blog posts

Sort out your blog posts that talk about something similar to what you’re promoting on your webinar, and add a link at the bottom of each post that directs visitors to your landing page.

7. Write an entire blog post about it

In addition to the blog post calls-to-action, write an entire blog post to promote your webinar. Then, you can post the blog on social media, instead of just posting the landing page link.

8. Create a targeted email campaign around it

Send out the initial invitation to the webinar two weeks prior, send a reminder when the webinar is one week away, and a follow-up email one or two days after the webinar.

9. Use all of your social media channels

This is likely the obvious choice, but you’d be surprised how under-utilized social media is in promoting webinars. Be consistent about posting daily, and mix things up so it looks like you’re not saying the same thing repeatedly.

10. Use paid digital ads, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google

If you have the budget, consider launching a paid campaign on a social media platform and/or a search engine.

Start promoting your webinar at least one week out from the webinar, two weeks if you prefer more time. As you host more and more webinars, you’ll develop a promotion schedule that works best for you and your audience.