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Why use a meeting room when you can bring your virtual attendees on stage?

What is On Stage?

On Stage is a webinar.net-first feature that allows webinar audience members to cue up and be brought “on stage” to ask questions live via audio or webcam. When on stage, they can be seen and heard by the webinar presenters as well as the webinar audience. Organizers can move the participant back to the attendee view once the segment is over.

The importance of
On Stage

Webinars have large audiences, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. In these circumstances, meeting tools like ZOOM are impractical, as they’re designed for a limited capacity.

With enterprise webinar tools you’re able to have a large audience without splitting hairs about how your presentation will look or operate. And yet, with so many people, these webinars tend to function as a broadcast, with audiences simply watching, listening and engaging over text. While organizers have some control over who “speaks” and can even pin designated people to the top of a chat, it’s not the ideal way to deliver a controlled message to your market.

This is where On-Stage comes in. This tool provides organizers with a controlled and secure way to give audiences a voice during a live webinar. Webinar.net customers can select attendees and have them come “on-stage” one at a time and ask their question or deliver a comment to the webinar speaker or panel.

For years webinar producers have wanted to give their audience a way to ask questions over audio or webcam and promote them to the “stage” during a live event.

Until now, this was impossible to achieve on an enterprise webinar and webcasting platform. Customers were forced to use a text-based Q&A or revert to a meeting tool like ZOOM to conduct their webinar, losing out on the other engagement options and control that enterprise tools offer.

For the very first time, On-Stage gives the audience that missing voice. This is a webinar.net first – none of our competitors have this feature or working to develop it.

One of the key tenants of the webinar.net platform is ease of use and On-Stage is built from the ground up with that in mind.

When On-Stage is enabled, an event attendee can use the On-Stage component to signal that they want to come on stage. Webinar presenters and producers will see these requests and decide which attendee they want to bring “on stage.” With a single click, they can add them to the stage, where they can then ask their question or make a comment. The attendee appears in the video window alongside the presenters.

Depending on the situation, organizers can easily revoke this privilege and return a participant to the attendee view.

We see On-Stage as the perfect solution for investor relations (replacing telephone conferencing) as well as corporate town hall events. That being said, it is versatile enough to work for many other types of events.

Where most presenters and producers may struggle initially is getting the most out of the tool. For example, how do you make it work for a large-scale event? Due to the sheer size of these gatherings as well as time constraints, it won’t be possible to answer every question.

Engagement is a key tenant of what webinar.net offers. On-Stage provides a vastly different option for engagement not currently found on any other enterprise webinar platform.

Moreover, other products in our class are massive pieces of technology that have been built-up over time; this brings a steep learning curve for the end-user. On-Stage avoids this pitfall and fits in with webinar.net’s goal of providing a modern but easy-to-use experience.

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