The Webinar Survival Guide


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What's In The Guide

The complimentary webinar survival guide is your one stop shop for everything you need to create a comprehensive webinar program specific to your organization’s goals and objectives.

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Your entire Webinar Survival Tool Kit is available below.

Webinar Survival Kit

21 free tools to accelerate your webinar programs.

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Webinar Plan Template​

Need assistance developing a plan that fully exploits webinars as sales, marketing and support channel? This toolkit helps you create content and format a template where you are able to summarize the details of your webinar program.​

Webinar Program Maturity Assessment​

Are you looking for a way to track the strengths and weaknesses of your webinar program? Using the power of self-assessment, this toolkit aids in providing a visual representations that displays strategies that have worked or need to be tweaked to improve the success of your webinar.​

Competitive Webinar Tracking Template​

Interested in compiling observations you’ve made from your competitor’s webinar strategies? This toolkit allows you to insert an assortment of variables including social media channels, topics, targeted audiences and other metrics so you are able to assess the competition and work towards building a stronger webinar series.​

Webinar Risk Assessment Template​

Do you need to identify the risks associated with launching a webinar? This toolkit gives you insight on assessing key risks and their impact on your webinar.​

Webinar Program Strategy Workbook​

Having trouble with creating a detailed program strategy for your webinar? This toolkit creates itemized and customizable program strategies that will aid in the operating of your webinar.​

Webinar Program Business Case​

Need help getting stakeholders interested in your webinar? This toolkit aids in creating a webinar program business case that will ensure your webinar will look attractive to potential investors.​

Customer Profile Template​

Trying to gauge how your desired demographic will interact with your webinar? By customizing variables like psychographic information, demographic information and behavioral patterns, this toolkit creates a standard customer profile that will help you further understand your audience and how they navigate through your webinar.​

Webinar Program Manager Job Description​

Trying to find the right person to be your Webinar’s Program Manager? This toolkit generates a template that outlines roles, responsibilities and duties of your potential Program Manager.​

Web Conferencing Vendor Evaluation Template​

Want to compare web conferencing vendors? Use this toolkit to compare qualities of up to three vendors to ensure that you are picking the vendor that meets your webinars needs.​

Web Conferencing Consulting Services RPF Template​

Need help choosing a webinar consultant? This toolkit can be used to compare consultants and produce a request for proposal.

Webinar Speakers Database​

Keeping track of available speakers can get a little tricky. This toolkit assists in organizing a database of potential speakers that stores the contact information, costs, specializations, languages, availability and more for your potential speaker.​

Message Map Template​

Looking for a way to measure the impact of your key messages? This toolkit categorizes and measures the effectiveness, credibility and resonance of each message.​

Webinar Topic Mapping Template​

Your content has to cater to potential buyers and it is important to say the right things during different stages of the buying cycle. This toolkit helps you organize your webinar topics according to buyer personas and what interval they are in the buying cycle.​

Webinar Presenter Evaluation Template​

Deciding on what presenter to welcome onto your webinar? This toolkit helps organize presenters based on relevant experience, skill set, personality & fit, professionalism and more.​

Webinar Promotional Calendar 2013​

Do you need a calendar to track all your past and upcoming promotional activity? This template helps you record various mediums of promotion including email marketing, advertising, and social media content.​

Webinar Project Management Tool​

Need to create a summary that lists that status of your webinar topic? This toolkit allows you to measure the priority, schedule, budget, value and risk of each topic.​

Webinar Execution Checklist​

Your webinar is ready to launch, have you missed anything? This toolkit allows you to check off important components of a webinar from start to finish.​

Webinar Evaluation Template​

Want to assess the success of each webinar? Use this toolkit to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your webinar so you can work towards creating stronger content.​

Webinar Budget Template​

Need to set a budget for your webinar? This toolkit will help you input program and webinar costs and will then compute the budget.​

Webinar ROI Calculator​

Looking for an easy way to record and gauge your ROI? This toolkit allows you to input the costs, benefits and will automatically calculate ROI.​