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More than just a meeting.
The future of online presentations is here!

What we've been doing

We make a really cool webinar tool that fits the needs of any business.
We make it as easy as possible for you to setup a webinar in less than 60 seconds!
We help our customers present and interact with their audience like never before
We provide a platform that enables our customers to put their brand front and center

Our Story. Our Vision. Our Mission.

webinar.net is the next generation online presentation platform that enables organizations to connect, engage and interact with them. webinar.net simplifies the notorious complex and “clunky” world of online meeting and webcast tools by offering a very simple, branded, engaging and very cost-effective way to deliver webinars to a global audience. Built and hosted on the cloud, with enterprise grade scale and security, the webinar.net infrastructure is built to handle millions of online presentation attendees from businesses around the world.

It all started, when the Webinar.net founders, Mike, Mike, Michael, Marc and James, had an “ah-ha” moment while working with a client on a virtual training environment. They realized if you ask five B2B marketers what a webinar is, you may get a dozen different answers. And what appears to be a crowded webinar space is really just a bunch of online meeting tools (Zoom, GotoWebinar and Webex) trying to be pose as a marketing, training, and corporate communications platform, when they really were built to replace conference calls / meetings.

Working professionally in the streaming / virtual events space for over 30-years combined, they did an honest search to see if any true enterprise grade web presentation platform existed, priced for businesses of all sizes, which worked globally. Failing to find one, they decided to build their own; hence Webinar.net was born. Today customers use Webinar.net to do legit web presentations for marketing lead generation, corporate training and corporate town hall presentations.

Executive Team


Mike Nelson

James Ye

James Ye


Matt Ley


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