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Game Changing editing software from webinar.net

webinar.net is excited to announce the release of our newest tool: The Lab​

For many of you who run webinars, and for the speakers tasked with speaking during the presentations, one of the greatest stressors is the anxiety of making a mistake.

We listened and heard you loud and clear – being able to edit your presentations easily (and not have to redo slides or, even worse, the whole event) isn’t just a nice to have – it’s a necessity.

Enter “The Lab” - a ground-breaking new release from webinar.net that will allow the advanced editing of webinars, as well as the assembly of webinars from separately recorded clips and bits.

Let's face it:

Live webinars aren't always... perfect

The Lab provides easy to use features that can address all of these challenges and many more.

Are you getting excited yet?

We really like to show it off!!!

Webinar Editing Unlike Anything
You've Seen Before

For webinars run live, pre-recorded, or on demand​

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The Lab allows webinar.net users to

  • Switch out slides
  • Change slide timings
  • Adjust audio levels
Webinar Lab Screenshot - 2

Build cohesive video webinars

The Lab also allows you to build a cohesive video webinar from clips by uploading files from various sources (edited mp4s, iPhone/Android Video files, Zoom exports, webinar.net recordings, etc.)

Webinar Lab Screenshot - 1

Add on all the other bits you need!

Such as slides in a separate window that flip when you want them, polls and surveys.

This game changing tool puts you in control and it is super easy to use...

You don't need any editing expertise!

We'd love to show you how simple it really is!

The Lab includes capabilities such as:

The Lab by webinar.net provides companies with an easy to use, web-based solution that helps them deliver engaging webinar presentations to a global audience, easily.

Request a demo and see how this new tool can help you take your webinars to the next level.

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