Tips for Collection Webinar Registrants and Attendees via Email

There are dozens of ways you can promote your next webinar. From social media and blog posts to webinar listing sites and exit pop-ups, but the most effective way to promote a webinar is via email invitation.

However, you’ve got to get the email invitation just right if you expect people to register. We’ve put together all of the steps for the perfect webinar invitation email so you can effectively promote your next one.

Here’s everything the email invitation should include:

  • What you’re inviting them to (i.e. the webinar title)
  • The date and time of the webinar
  • Who will be presenting
  • How people register to attend
  • Why people should attend
  • What people will learn from the webinar

Once you get the structure in place, let’s take a deeper look at how you should present all of this information.

You’ll really want to sell people on your webinar topic and convince them that they have to attend in order to get this vital information. To do this right, you will likely have to present the problem you’re going to solve in the webinar.

Once you present the problem, you can quickly explain all of the things people are going to learn by registering and attending the webinar.

Even though most webinars are business-based, you want to find ways to make a personal connection. One way to do this is to include headshots of the people presenting so potential attendees can actually see who will be talking to them. If possible, you could include a video of your presenter giving the webinar pitch.

You should aim to write the email in a way that creates a sense of urgency — they need to sign up for the webinar, and they need to do it now. Don’t be afraid to use FOMO (fear of missing out) to your advantage.

Another tip is to utilize your email list segments for invitations. You can send invitations to more than one segment, but cater each invitation to the segment. For example, let’s say these are your segments:

  • Users who work in marketing
  • Engaged newsletter readers
  • A visitor who’s downloaded a free resource
  • A visitor who’s signed up to receive an email newsletter within the last three months
  • Someone who has a job title related to the webinar topic

While the email invitations will contain similar information for each segment, you can really target the introduction and/or the design to attract each audience.

Don’t be afraid to send out multiple email invitations to the same person. You can use this as an opportunity to do some A/B testing and see what people respond to the most. Use these emails to further create that sense of urgency as well.

As for the subject line, be straightforward. For the “from” field, use the name people are used to seeing when you send out emails.

Sure, it’s a lot of components to consider, but once you create the perfect webinar invitation template, you’ll be set for all of your future events.