How to Use Your Webinars for Qualified Leads and Future Sales

With more and more people having easier access to webinar platforms, the greater number of available webinars there are to attend! While webinars are fun and all, they are a great (and often underestimated) way to drive leads for your business.

However, you’re going to have to be smart about how you do this. Why? Because webinar attendees can see right through obvious sales tactics. You’ve got to be clever about your presentation and offer something truly useful to your webinar attendees.

To start, let’s illustrate why webinars are such a great tool for driving leads:

  • They establish trust, make you an authority, and help you stand out from your competitors
  • They allow you to interact and build rapport with your audience
  • They help you get more quality, engaged leads as webinar attendees are ready to take action
  • You get to collect more data during the webinar registration process
  • They are available worldwide, allowing you to get leads from anywhere
  • They make it easier for you to partner with other businesses and brands

Now that we’ve established webinars as a great tool for driving quality leads, let’s talk about the how.

Start by truly understanding your audience. In a typical lead generation webinar, you’ll likely be dealing with an audience that may not know much about your brand. For these types of audiences, you’ll want to share your brand story and gain trust with them by building rapport.

Another type of audience could be that of one of your segmented email lists — people who have interacted with your brand but haven’t made a conversion yet. In this scenario, spend less time on the brand story and more on the “meat” of the presentation.

If it would help, create a buyer persona that’s specific to your webinar audience so you can address their needs correctly.

Typically, a lead generation audience is in the awareness phase of the buyer’s funnel — they know they have a problem to solve, but they’re not sure how to solve it. Your job is to introduce them to the best solution and move them right into the consideration phase.

Part of creating a successful lead generation webinar is making a great landing page. This is where you’ll collect webinar registrant’s information, but it should also convince them to sign up. You’ll also want to follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and write a good page title and compelling meta content.

Once your webinar and landing page are ready, it’s time to promote it! Send emails with your webinar topic, some details about what they can expect to learn, and a link to the landing page. You can also promote your webinar in newsletters, blog posts, news releases and regular social media posts.

If you have a budget for paid advertising, you might consider promoting your webinar via paid Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads.

Once people start to register, send them regular reminders counting down to the webinar to get them excited about attending.

When the webinar finally rolls around, your attendees will be so excited to see what you’ve prepared for them, and it will be perfectly crafted just for them (because of that persona you created), and they’ll jump at the solution you’ve got to offer them.