Simple Videos You Can Make to Put Your Webinars on the Map

Video is everywhere, and your webinars should be no exception. Video will help keep your webinar attendees more engaged, which is key if you want them to follow your call-to-action at the end. So why not add video?

Truthfully, many brands shy away from using video in their webinars, just because they’re not entirely sure how to use it. But that’s why we’re here! We’ve rounded up several ways you can make your webinar stand out by using video.

1. Live stream the presenter

If your webinar is going to feature more than one presenter, showing a live feed of who’s speaking would be really useful for your audience. A live stream also helps the audience feel connected, as if they are in the same room as the presenters.

2. Create and use video clips

If your company already has video clips on YouTube, feel free to use those during your webinar (provided they are relevant to the webinar topic). If you don’t have video clips yet, but are able to create some, you could add them to your webinar. You could also add these videos to YouTube, your website, and other marketing materials in the future.

3. Use promotional video

If you have a promotional video for your company, put this at the beginning of your webinar or use it as your “pre-webinar” slide as people are joining. Depending on the type of promotional videos you have, you could also use them during the webinar as a way to introduce new topics or different presenters.

4. Record sections of the webinar

Even if your current video library is empty, start recording different sections of your webinar. You’ll be able to use these clips in different marketing materials in the future, including upcoming webinars. You’re getting two birds with one stone.

If you’re new to video, there are a few things you can to do make sure the video is still high-quality.

Start with the camera. No matter what kind of camera you’ve got (or even a webcam), make sure you know how to use it and all of its features. Whenever you’re filming, make sure the camera is on a steady service, so there’s no wobbling.

Next, do a sound check. A nice-looking video isn’t going to do any good if the sound quality is poor. Invest in a microphone that works with your current equipment and make sure any of your presenters know how to use it.

Then there’s lighting. Make sure you’re in a room that has plenty of light, whether it’s overhead lighting or lots of windows that can provide natural light during filming.

Once you’ve got all of these components down, practice! Practicing will make the video look polished, and will require less editing.

Even creating simple video clips and incorporating them into your webinar is better than no video at all. Once you start creating video, it will get easier, and before you know it you’ll have a collection of videos you can choose from for future marketing efforts.