10 Ways to Get More People in Front of Your Next Webinar

Planning and creating your next webinar is a good amount of work, so it’s important you get a good amount of attendees to see all of it put to use. But how?

Start by figuring out a goal number of attendees that you would like to show up. Maybe it’s 10 percent more attendees than you had for your last webinar. Perhaps it’s double the amount of conversions you’d like to achieve. Whatever the number is, make sure its a measurable goal.

Next, it’s time to start building a webinar that’s going to reach that goal! Here’s how:

  • Pick an undeniable topic

No one is going to attend your webinar if the topic isn’t interesting. So, do some research. What are people talking about? What information do you have that would be useful to your target audience?

  • Write down your goals

Remember the goals we mentioned earlier? Write them down so you don’t forget, and you can literally keep your eye on the prize. It’s best to come up with a goal number of registrants and a goal number of attendees. This will help you in future webinars because you’ll be able to see the difference in numbers and where you need to improve.

  • Give something to your attendees

Perhaps you host a giveaway or ask your attendees to be a part of something huge, think of something exclusive you can give to them just for showing up.

  • Schedule it on the right day, at the right time

Picking a day and/or a time when people can’t show up isn’t going to help you. Typically, people are more available for webinars in the middle of the week (Tuesday – Thursday) around mid-morning or early afternoon. Whatever you do, don’t interfere with people’s lunch hour!

  • Create a great landing page

The landing page for your webinar should include information about who will be presenting, what the webinar is about, when it will happen, where/how it will take place, why people should attend, and how to register.  

  • Say thank you

Once someone registers for the webinar, send them a confirmation email that thanks them for registering (which also gives them a visual reminder of when it is). You can also include a calendar invitation in that email, to help people plan around the webinar.

  • Send reminders

Send out emails two weeks and one week in advance of your webinar. These emails will serve as reminders so registrants actually become attendees, but they should also serve as a way to build up people’s excitement. You don’t want people to forget why they signed up in the first place.

  • Market your webinar

You’ve got to get the word out about your webinar if you want people to show up. Here are a few ways you can promote it: post on all of your social media platforms; if you have well-known speakers, have them promote it on their social media; if you have a budget for paid media, invest in pay-per-click campaigns; and publish a blog post about your webinar.

  • Seek partners

If there is another brand that is relevant to your webinar topic, consider partnering up to increase the reach of potential audience members.

  • Utilize your website

Your website’s homepage is probably the most-visited page on your site, so put some information about the webinar there!