If you want to plan a webinar, it makes sense to remove potential roadblocks. Downloading and installing complicated setups might take a lot of your time and energy. This is why many webinar event platforms provide a hassle-free, no-download workflow. Let us explore 7 incredibly convenient webinar event platforms to determine which works best for you.

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1) Webinar.net


Some people look for a user-friendly interface. Webinar is easy to use, and that is its USP (unique selling proposition). That said, Webinar also includes effective engagement and marketing techniques. This browser-based webinar event platform lets you integrate seamlessly with over 3,000 popular services for an improved workflow. You can design uniue registration pages, brand your webinar channel, and host scheduled webinars on it.

2) Livestorm


Livestorm combines support for managed webinars, meetings, and virtual events with specific features for all three use cases. Seamless onboarding gives you access to email templates, customized registration pages, integrated social sharing, and widgets to put on websites. Then you can use engagement features like polls, interactive Q&A, file sharing, and screen sharing. The dashboard offers extensive functionality, actionable information, and platform integrations with HubSpot CRM (customer resource management) and Salesforce.

3) ClickMeeting


The diverse feature set of ClickMeeting is suitable for a freelancer or a large business. You can arrange webinars with up to 1,000 participants and video meetings with around 25 people. Webinars are available on demand; you can automate or record them. Also, you get access to beneficial branding integrations and tools.

4) Zoho Meeting


The reputed Zoho Corporation offers Zoho Meeting, a brilliant platform for online meetings, webinars, and collaborations. It ensures secure webinars with top-notch video quality. You can also enhance utility with Zoho features like the CRM (Customer Resource Management) solution, calendar, and mail client.

5) Demio


If you are looking for a marketing solution to showcase and launch products, consider Demio. A webinar event platform with the functionality to help improve lead generation, conversion, and onboarding. You can promote information directly to your business customers. You can focus on branding and use strategies to leverage your business throughout the webinar process.

6) BigMarker


For those looking to host large, live, and hybrid events, BigMarker is the webinar event platform for you. It boasts versatility for events of all kinds because of its supremely customizable solution. BigMarker provides crucial connectors, API (application programming interface), and several tools to engage participation and involvement. Their white label services might be beneficial for corporate use cases.

7) MyOwnConference


MyOwnConference has a two-in-one solution for webinars and video conferences. This one assists you in producing rich, significant webinars for as many as 10,000 participants at once. Among cloud-based webinar platforms, this service is renowned for its exceptional 99.98% uptime. Also, improve engagement with tools like polls, Q&As, screen sharing, file sharing, live chat, whiteboards, quizzes, and cloud recordings.

You can now jumpstart and execute your webinar experience without fuss using these no-download, hassle-free webinar event platforms. Contact Webinar.net right away if you’re unsure which webinar platform to use.