Webinar software platforms are powerful tools for just about every marketer these days. Whether it is video conferencing or generating leads, good webinar software is the way to go. 

Webinars alone don’t guarantee conversion. Faced with many operational challenges, hosting a webinar is quite a bit of work. Let’s look at some of the best online webinar platforms. These combine video conferencing and marketing automation, which form a killer combination that works. 

  1. WebEx

WebEx is very versatile. It can perform several functions other than just hosting webinars. With WebEx, you can hold an online meeting, team collaboration, or event, make a presentation, and conduct training sessions. This software has a nice price attributed to it. WebEx offers a lot more for the same amount when compared with its peers. 

The software, however, is not specifically dedicated to marketing. If you want to host live webinars, WebEx is for you. Businesses looking for a powerful communication system would benefit from WebEx.

  1. GetResponse

Primarily an e-mail marketing platform, GetResponse also comes with some interesting webinar features. If you provide e-mail marketing, webinar marketing, and automation, GetResponse is for you. Features of this platform include YouTube integration, scheduling, security, dynamic and interactive engagement, and analytics. 

This software strikes gold for marketers looking for e-mail, marketing, automation, and webinar features from a single platform.

  1. ClickMeeting

This webinar tool pretty much provides you with everything you need, except an automated relay. But you can record and download the video for sharing, so that resolves the problem. This platform is tremendous for its subaccounts, customization, recordings, analytics, and engagement. With the pricing being fair, this platform offers a little extra.

Serious webinar marketers would benefit from this platform. Its features allow space to explore and provide more.

  1. Livestream

Livestream is more of a system to create studio-like live streaming, and it does an excellent job at this. This platform comes with professional audio equipment, multiple cameras, and high-end lighting. Even though it doesn’t come with webinar marketing features, the live streaming is of the best quality. If used well, this platform can have a powerful impact on corporate webinars. Other notable features include advanced editing options and social media integration. 

Livestream is most suited for brands that create high-quality video content to stream on their social media handles and online platforms. 

  1. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool and allows groups to collaborate and hold business meetings. There’s no automation available. However, you can expect a reliable platform for a respectable price. Zoom features include interactive sessions, online integration, audio controls, engaging features, and closed captioning. 

With its diverse features, Zoom works for almost all kinds of businesses. As a webinar tool, it allows live broadcasting, which is especially useful if you have a large speaker panel. Businesses looking for an all-in-one solution to video conferencing should consider Zoom. 

The best webinar tools today come with some very impressive and user-friendly features. While picking the right webinar platform for you, consider your budget and then compare the features. Depending on your needs, pick a tool that offers the specific features you need. 

Some online tools come with free trials or money-back guarantees. When you find something you like, test the product, and if you’re satisfied, upgrade to a paid plan.