Enterprise-level software differs significantly from the software of any other kind. Enterprise webinars cater to large organizations, rather than individual users. With webinar hosting platforms, too, it’s no different. Enterprise webinar solutions offers several features that make them better aligned to the use case of large corporations. While most webinar software tends to favor smaller audiences, that’s not the case with enterprise webinar solutions.

Are you looking for an enterprise webinar solution to suit your company’s needs? Let’s take a deep dive into the features you should be looking for in such a platform and a few examples of great platform features to try.

Six Features to Look for in Enterprise Webinar Solutions

  • A white label solution

One of the primary purposes of a webinar is to allow a business to build its brand identity. Through webinars, the company can not only get its name out there but also can establish itself as an industry expert. To this end, it’s crucial to choose an enterprise webinar solution that would allow you to build your brand name. Look for a white-label platform that prioritizes your branding over its own.

  • Your own domain

The best enterprise webinar solutions give users complete control over their own domain. Having your own domain to host your webinars not only adds to your professional credibility, but also increases the visibility of your organization. Your own domain sets you apart from your competitors, increasing brand awareness and drawing in more customers.

  • Maximum customization

Large corporations need to have as much control over their webinars as possible. Look for webinar solutions that allow you to control your webinar presentations at a granular level. From invitations, landing pages, and dashboards down to every single logo, slide, and color, everything should be tailor-made to your needs. Customization helps maintain your organization’s visual identity and create a completely branded experience.

  • Personalized analytics and reports

Personalized webinar metrics are a must-have for all organizations. You can leverage this valuable information to adapt and improve your digital marketing strategy for better results.

  • Security

Enterprise webinars are often likely to contain sensitive information. Your webinar platform of choice should support password-protected webinars that are only accessible to those with the proper credentials.

  • Support

Large companies may have varying proportions of people who may not be tech-savvy. Keep an eye out for enterprise webinar solutions with adequate support in the form of help articles, 24/7 live chat support, and tutorials.

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Enterprise Webinar Solutions—Our Top Picks

  • LiveWebinar: One of the best platforms out there for customization, LiveWebinar allows users control over every aspect of a webinar. Customized email invites, landing pages, your own domain, and branding–you name it, they’ve got it.
  • net: Webinar.net is perfect for large-scale webinars, something that’s a necessity for big corporations. They also offer complete customization of your webinars down to the very last detail.
  • Samba Live: Samba Live is affordable and offers you complete control over your branding. We won’t say no to that combination.

When choosing a webinar solution for your organization, look for the features discussed in this article. The right solution will act as a multifunctional platform for all your enterprise webinar needs. If you need help finding the perfect webinar solution for your business, give Webinar.net a call today.