Over the last decade, webinars have emerged as a game-changer in marketing. What’s not to love about webinar services that give your business greater scalability, easy access, wider reach, unmatched time, and cost-efficiency? If you’re yet to hop on the webinar marketing bandwagon, it’s important that you start on the right foot by choosing quality webinar software. There are countless webinar services to choose from, and each service has varying feature sets across multiple price points.

There are several considerations when choosing a webinar platform such as features, budget, security, and engagement tools. To make your search easier, we’ve put together a list of webinar services that render themselves well to digital marketing use cases.

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The Six Most Effective Webinar Services for Digital Marketing

  • Webinar.net — Best for customization

If maximum customization is what you’re looking for, webinar.net has got you covered. This platform allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your webinar, so that the focus remains entirely on your brand and brand values. Webinar.net is one of the first webinar platforms to host entirely on the cloud, allowing you to reach a vast global audience without technical concerns. With this platform, you can choose between live, pre-recorded, and on-demand webinars.

  • ON24 — Best for audience engagement

Audience engagement becomes a breeze if you have the right engagement tools, and ON24 brings all of these tools to the table. You can create data-rich webinar presentations with this platform that can not only generate engagement, but also help nurture existing leads. The in-depth analytics that ON24 features give a clear picture of the interest level and buying intent of your audience, information that comes in handy during future campaigns and follow-ups.

  • Cisco Webex — Best for largescale webinars

Are you planning to organize large-scale global webinars? Cisco Webex can get it done like no other. With support for up to 100,000 participants worldwide, this is one of the best webinar services for large events. It’s also a one-stop solution for all your webinar hosting needs, from creating registration pages and setting up your audio to offering technical aid and sending email reminders.

  • WebinarGeek — Best for analytics

Webinar analytics are an integral feature to have for effective digital marketing. WebinarGeek offers some of the most in-depth webinar metrics that you can use to determine customer interest patterns, engagement levels, and much more. Leveraging this information, you can adjust your webinar strategy for better results.

  • ClickMeeting — Best for monetization

What sets ClickMeeting apart from other webinar services is its unique monetization tools. Because it supports as many as 10,000 participants worldwide, this platform offers all that you need to generate a profit from your webinars. The platform allows for Zapier, PayPal, and EventBrite integrations, and you can also choose to set up your own payment method.

  • Samba Live — Best for multi-platform live streaming

Opting for multi-platform live streaming for easier accessibility and increased reach? Samba Live can be just what you’re looking for. This webinar platform allows you to stream your webinars simultaneously across multiple platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

You can choose from these webinar services or explore other options depending on your use case. Need help figuring out which platform is right for you? Contact Webinar.net today.