When it comes to a successful webinar, analytics is a crucial feature for businesses. Analytics shows you attendance and engagement data, allowing you to profile webinar attendees and their interests. The insight you get from analytics is highly actionable, allowing you to modify and enhance the content, format, and other aspects of your webinar in the future to achieving consistently better results.

In this guide, we look at the best webinar platforms with analytics features to improve your webinar performance and impact over time. All these webinar platforms give you actionable analytics data in easy-to-digest formats.

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Top Webinar Platforms with Analytics


The standout feature of WebinarGeek is its full GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. In addition, you acquire features such as automated webinars and automatic webinar recordings. On top of all these benefits, you receive a simple, easy-to-use web interface with plenty of granular control. Outstanding analytics can let you collect insight for incremental improvements over time.


A modern webinar platform with a clean, minimalist UI (user interface) and excellent ease of use, Demio offers advanced features and analytics. Use features like private chat and registration page branding to drive engagement. The rich analytics let you assess the performance of past webinars and use that insight for future ones.


When you are looking for the top webinar platforms with analytics, Webinar.net shines as an excellent option. The platform provides real-time performance reports and an analytics dashboard that goes beyond attendance and indicates engagement levels. In addition, you get amazing branding features along with support for live, automated, and on-demand webinars. Another fabulous feature is dedicated online dashboards with control for admins and presenters.


EverWebinar has advanced automation features, including user tagging and automated signups for mailing lists, which make it a great platform for on-demand webinars. Set a webinar to start streaming just as new users sign up and come on board. Superb analytics and reasonable pricing make this a compelling choice for those leaning mostly towards on-demand webinars.


Livestorm brings tight integration with collaboration tools, landing pages, and powerful automation features to your meeting agendas. The platform allows leverage both live and on-demand webinar formats, video meetings, and audience polls for an interactive experience. The platform provides detailed, rich insight into webinar performance where you can analyze key metrics and make informed decisions going forward.


A jack-of-all-trades webinar solution that can cater to diverse use cases, Clickmeeting is great for small to mid-sized companies, has an excellent free tier, and comes with detailed analytics. There are various tools to drive engagement, including whiteboards, surveys, opinion polls, and screen sharing. Get even better analytics by inviting attendees to participate in post-webinar surveys and Q&A sessions.


WebinarNinja has something for everyone, ranging from solo entrepreneurs to big corporations. Pre-set landing pages, webinar listings on popular public databases, and training material can simplify things. Along with detailed analytics, there is also support for live, on-demand, and automated webinars, as well as hybrid events.

Analytics can really help improve the quality of your webinars over time. Choose one from this list of top webinar platforms with analytics, and it is hard to go wrong, no matter what your use case is. If you are looking for the perfect webinar platform for your business, we can help. Contact Webinar.net today.