With virtual meetings and conferences all the rage these days, webinar services are highly sought after by organizations and individuals. As a result, most webinar platforms offer features to help you interact better with your audience. But what you truly want is a platform that enables your product or service to reflect who you are.  

Let’s look at five platforms that offer the best customizable webinar services available out there. 

  • Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is all about visually stunning content that has a minimalistic and intuitive user experience. Through this platform, you can expect better host controls, breakout sessions, and various design layouts. 

Customizing your hosting rooms and creating virtual storyboards are among the best features of Adobe Connect. Also, this platform works in sync with a set of custom apps that can increase the effectiveness of your presentation. 

Interactive and customized storyboards, recordings, powerful analytics, and custom integrations are some of the best features of this platform.

  • Webinar.net

Probably the most flexible platform on this list, webinar.net gives you maximum customizable services. Webinar.net allows you to customize to the minutest detail everything from a dynamic registration landing to e-mail reminders, follow-ups, and slides.

Working with this platform is all about creating webinars that reflect your brand through its logos and colors. Because it is a completely web-browser-based platform, there is nothing for participants to download. 

The process of customizing is rather fun with this platform. You can show or hide registration fields and create customized registration questions to allow anonymous participants. Uploading your banner, footer language, presenter profile, or other background images is a breeze with webinar.net. What’s more, you can edit images using a simple web-based editor without depending on Photoshop. 

  • ClickMeeting

Suitable for entrepreneurs and small and large businesses, ClickMeeting stands out for its simple and user-friendly interface that you can set up in seconds. Moreover, with insightful analytics and extensive interaction options, this platform offers various modes of instruction to the host.

This platform has waiting rooms with agendas to keep participants engaged with information about the topics, resources, and presenters. Along with polls and surveys, chat translation options are also available.

ClickMeeting follows a free 30-day trial and other subscription options. 

  • BlueJeans Events

A great platform for hosting live events and webcasts for an audience worldwide, BlueJeans offers premium content delivery in the form of a feature-rich moderator dashboard. HD video and superior audio quality, and an audience capacity of up to 150 on-camera speakers are what you can expect with this platform. 

This platform is 100 percent web-based and has zero app downloads. It has separate “green rooms” for presenters and “lobbies” for participants. Easy event scheduling and setup and sessions that allow for mid-session breaks and session switching are what’s sterling about BlueJeans.

While the free version of the platform has the basic features, various other webinar service plans offer a wider selection of built-in features.

  • BigMarker

Designed to handle events with a large audience, BigMarker accommodates up to 10,000 attendees and several guest speakers. Customizable invites, registration pages, and e-mail reminders are just a few of the platform’s features. 

Since it caters to larger groups, BigMarker provides digital handouts, polls, and Q&As to keep your audience actively engaged. 

Its software integrations help generate leads. And you can store all the information you collected during the session as data. This data becomes actionable insights. In addition, BigMarker offers live, automated, and on-demand webinars. 

Cost and Potential

Platforms that help customize webinar services let you showcase your services while making a lasting impact on your audience. These platforms do have various subscription options if you’re planning to use them regularly, depending on your group size. Always run the software through a free trial to get an estimate of your needs and use.