Prerecorded webinar services are hot right now. They give organizations the flexibility to deliver stellar virtual events and achieve their event goals without much pressure. Live events are equally good, but they often seem intimidating and put off many people. Today we’re going to compare these two types of events, so you know which one to choose.

Advantages of Live Webinars

1.      Create an Emotional Connection with the Audience

Your audience members get to watch you in real time and connect with your story. They also see the tactics you use to sell your products and services. While you’re likely to make mistakes, these mistakes help build this connection.

The audience can laugh off misspoken words and other goofs. And you will come across as authentic and human.

2.      Live Q&A

Live webinars allow you to answer questions and tailor content on the spot to the audience’s needs. As a result, your presentation becomes more compelling.

3.      Connect with Fans

If you’ve been doing webinars for some time, then you have people who attend your webinars regularly. They’re big fans of your content and would never miss an opportunity to connect with you. Giving them a shout-out during a live broadcast helps build a strong, long-lasting relationship.

4.      Faster to Produce

Prerecorded webinar services often put you in a “perfectionist” trap. You’re constantly working toward making everything picture-perfect. A live event frees you from this vicious cycle. Just go live and spend some time sharing your content with your audience.

Disadvantages of Live Webinars          

1.      Unexpected Guests

Are you live streaming the event from your home office and have pets or kids? You probably know the feeling of being interrupted smack in the middle of the event. While everyone has learned to be a little more understanding, this kind of disruption can throw you off your game.

2.      Finding the Right Time

You probably have an audience across multiple time zones. Getting the perfect time of day to stream your event can be a challenge. While you can send out the event replay, you lose the potential engagement of a live broadcast.

3.      Technical Issues

The danger of a live broadcast is having to deal with technical issues as you go. You may experience Internet connection lags, software issues, and other unforeseen technical issues that can sully an otherwise great presentation.

Advantages of Prerecorded Webinars

1.      Cover Up Mistakes

A prerecorded webinar allows you to map out every second of your content before the final recording. Moreover, you get to splice in photos, special content, and even videos to make the presentation look more professional.

2.      Rerecord Sections

If you’re not happy with the delivery of a certain section of your presentation, you can always record it again. Just swap out the offending segment for a new one.

3.      Add Graphics and Effects

This type of webinar gives you the chance to edit the video content however you want. You can add special transitions, filters, and other effects to the presentation. If you’re skilled in post-production, you can create webinars that look more polished than a live presentation.

4.      No Stage Fright

Often, people experience anxiety when speaking live in front of an audience. It’s not the same when you’re recording for a camera. You can be more confident and deliver a more congruent presentation.

Disadvantages of Prerecorded Webinars

1.      Lack of Audience Engagement

When you’re doing a live presentation, you get feedback in real time from your audience. This allows you to adjust the direction of your message to what the audience wants. This isn’t possible with a prerecorded webinar.