3 Key Components Your Attendees Want and How You Can Give it to Them

When any business hosts a webinar, they’ve got specific goals in mind — things they hope to accomplish by having a webinar. These goals are usually to get more qualified leads or greater brand exposure.

But what about your audience? Anytime someone attends a webinar, they’ve got their own reasons for showing up. And they’re depending on the webinar host to meet their expectations. So, what does your audience want in a webinar?

For each webinar, obviously the topic will lend itself to specific things the audience is looking for. But in general, we know what an audience wants out of a webinar.

1. An engaging experience

No one wants to log in to a webinar and stare at a screen for an hour without a sense of feeling engaged. But, it happens more often than you think. When you’re creating your webinar presentation, strive to make it a truly immersive, engaging experience.

A webinar should feel like a refreshing break in the middle of someone’s work day. You can engage your audience by asking questions, have them take a poll or a survey, watch videos, click to download a resource or keep the conversation going in the chat. The more you can engage your audience, the more they’re going to learn, and the more they’re going to respect your brand and follow your calls-to-action.

2. A chance to be heard

This one may be surprising, but webinar audience members want to voice their opinions and get specific answers to their questions. Having a genuine question-and-answer section as a part of your webinar allows the audience to get the answers they came for and it also allows you to hear their specific concerns. This is information you can use!

Aside from the question-and-answer section, you can get people talking on social media, too. Some webinar platforms have the capability to integrate with social channels so people can share their questions and thoughts in a public setting without leaving the webinar window. You can also open up the webinar chat, especially if you’ve got an assistant manning the typed questions and thoughts.

3. The opportunity to learn something new

Everyone is especially busy these days, so if they are setting aside time in their day for professional development and attending your webinar, they’re putting faith in you to teach them something new and valuable. This should be your goal, too, as you’re putting all of your webinar materials together. Don’t just show the same old stuff your audience has likely seen before; give them what they came for and dive into some new trends.

Most audience members know that a webinar is a tool for selling something. But if you offer them real solutions, real action items they can do right away to solve their problems, they’re going to trust you as a source from this point forward.

So, there you have it. Give your audience a truly engaging experience, a chance to be heard, and the opportunity to learn something completely new, and you’ll win them over. If you focus on giving the audience what they want in a webinar, you’ll likely get what you want out of it, too.