Webinar software with breakout rooms adds a twist to the existing features that most webinar platforms offer today. Webinars are a great means of communication to a larger audience. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of their features is crucial to add value to the participants’ experience. 

While managing big events is no mean feat, one often falls unwittingly into the trap of monotony sooner or later. So, let’s look at one feature that will make things more exciting by helping you reach all your session goals. It will also allow you to connect with most of your participants. 

What Is A Breakout Room?

Breakout rooms are the answer to poor presenting and formatting skills that are characteristic of any poorly managed webinar. These are split-off sessions from the main meeting, and they help collaborate with numerous participants at a time. Here, participants meet in smaller groups that have separate audio and video from the main session.

By creating multiple breakout rooms, the host can split the audience into these rooms manually or automatically. 

These smaller groups usually contain participants with similar interests, so they can work toward a common objective. For example, a breakout session might have the objective of brainstorming a topic, holding a discussion, or even completing an activity. Webinar.net features breakout rooms that keep your audience engaged and create an impact long after the session is over. 

Uses in Training

Splitting participants into separate groups allows you to delegate specific tasks, let them find solutions, lead discussions, and answer questions. It also boosts teamwork among different groups and eases up planning and supervision. 

Webinar software with breakout rooms helps bring a structure to training. With breakout rooms, you can assign your students to separate groups and give them tasks that help them understand lessons during the session. 


With breakout rooms, you can easily manage a larger group. What follows is greater space for brainstorming on different ideas. Since breakout rooms deal with smaller groups, you can utilize each member’s idea. You can also encourage your team to come up with creative solutions to problems.


Discussions form the basis of any exchange in our interaction with people. With webinar platforms offering so much to boost participant interaction and involvement, it’s key to make the most of participant discussions. 

With breakout rooms, you can expect a greater deal of discussion among members, leading to some valuable insights. Also, you can turn your meeting into a lively panel discussion with multiple groups giving their inputs on a topic. Webinar.net integrates with Zoom to provide a space where small-to-medium groups can interact in real time. 


Breakout rooms prove useful in the hiring process as well. As part of the selection process, you can set up potential candidates in different breakout rooms and assign separate interview tasks. This helps keep track of the progress. It also maintains independent records of responses, helping you easily pick the right candidate for the job. 

Enhancing the Experience

Webinar software with breakout rooms allows hosts to assign specific members to particular groups depending on their criteria. Or they can randomly select participants. Platforms, such as webinar.net, use breakout rooms to help you make your presentation more powerful, enhancing the attendee experience.