Hosting a successful webinar is about promoting your brand, converting leads in sales, and engaging your audience. Picking the right webinar software is integral to this plan. One way to do this is by considering your aims and determining a budget.

Based on this, you need to consider five main features that make up a webinar platform. 

  • What’s It Going to Cost You?

Many of us don’t consider the aspect of pricing when it comes to hosting an event. We tend to get carried away and then feel disappointed knowing that we’re unable to break even. 

If you’ve not yet decided on a budget, you may end up spending more than you need to. Also, there are features you won’t be using but pay for. Most webinar software providers offer a free trial initially. Trials give you time to get a feel of the platform. They also help you decide if you want to use it permanently. 

  • Option to Host On-Demand Webinars

Not everyone you invite is likely to attend your webinar. But even with low attendance, webinars can make an impact if marketed right. Hosting a recorded, on-demand webinar will make sure you don’t miss out on important leads. Viewers also have to chance to see these videos at a later date. 

With platforms like, broadcasting recorded webinars on-demand is just as easy as converting a live session into an on-demand webinar. The prerecorded live feature allows you to record your webinar and post it live whenever you choose.

  • Session Analytics and Insights

Among the most useful marketing tools, analytics and insights rank the highest. You need to know the impact your webinar made, so analytics are important while choosing webinar software. 

Tools that include attendance and noting when people stop viewing help keep track of your webinar. If you’re already using CRM or any other analytics, make sure the platform integrates well. This is because it could be useful in marketing.

  • Get the Right Customizing and Branding

Webinars benefit the host as much as the audience. Through your webinars, you enhance your brand image and reputation.

Choosing a webinar software provider that allows you to customize your content to reflect your brand is critical. If branded right, your content leaves a lasting impression on viewers. allows you great flexibility in customizing your content. This ensures that your webinar reflects your brand and not the service provider. 

  • Choose A Secure Platform with Customer Support

Security issues are a real problem. You don’t want to put your attendee’s data at risk. Look for webinar software providers that offer encryptions for a high standard of security. These platforms ensure that you can securely store and use the data. 

Additionally, choose software that provides robust tech support. Even experienced hosts need help in dealing with some issues. One way to identify tech support quality is by checking out the FAQs on the platform’s website — the more comprehensive the FAQs, the better the tech support.

Other Things to Look For

A great webinar software provider helps assign specific roles to speakers and co-hosts. Having too many speakers or not managing well could spell trouble for a host. Accommodating the right number of participants is also something you need to include in your budget. You don’t want to spend on packages for a capacity you don’t need. However, keep some space to accommodate a few extra participants.