With the range of online webinar platforms increasing multifold in the digital space, choosing one for your webinar can be daunting. 

What makes it easy is knowing the features of the webinar platform, pricing, and user reviews. 

Let’s look at some of the best webinar platforms available today and review their features and costs.

  • Demio

With a modern interface that suits both beginners and seasoned hosts, Demio ranks among the top webinar platforms. It’s 100 percent browser-based, and webinars on this platform set up in minutes. You can also customize them to match your brand. 

With reliable functions, Demio offers both live and on-demand webinars. From automated reminder e-mails to high-quality recordings to distribute later, Demio has all you need to successfully host a webinar. 

Pricing: 14-day free trial

Starter Plan: $34/month for 50 participants

Growth Plan: $69/month for 150 participants, includes customized branding

Business Plan: $163/month for 500 participants and up to four hosts

  • Livestorm

Best suited for demos and training sessions, Livestorm helps host structured webinars. It comes with easy controls and customizable elements. Livestorm works great when many people are collaborating on the same platform. It’s also reasonable in terms of webinar platform pricing. 

Intuitive analytics helps assess your audience and improve or optimize your strategy accordingly. You can also use Livestorm in product demos and automated customer training for a salient option for internal use. 

Pricing: The basic webinar is free for up to 10 participants.

Premium Plan: $99/month for 100 live participants

Meet Basic Plan: $31/month but is free as a form of COVID relief for Basic features with 12 participants

  • WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is all about interactive participant experience, whether recorded, live, and hybrid events. Therefore, this platform is a golden option if you want to host a series or summit. This is because it allows for multisession courses where attendees need to register only once. 

What’s more, WebinarNinja uses advanced marketing tools that track attendee numbers and conversion rates. Limitations with this platform include a lengthy wait to upload longer presentations and clunky back-end operations.

Pricing: Pro Plan: $79/month for 300 participants (does not include hybrid events)

Plus Plan: $129/month for 500 live participants

Power Plan: $199/month for 1,000 live participants

  • WebinarJam

Another intuitive webinar solution, WebinarJam is great if you’re selling a product or service through your webinar. A pop-up call to action and live chat feature allow your audience to easily purchase the product during the webinar. 

With WebinarJam, you can host live webinars on YouTube, chat with moderators privately, have solid analytics, and purchase pop-ups. You can also use polls and share videos or whiteboard annotations midsession. This webinar platform pricing comes in three main tiers. 


Basic Plan: $41.58/month for 500 live participants, three presenters, and round-the-clock customer support

Professional Plan: $58.25/month for 1,000 live participants and four speakers

Premium Plan: $83.25/month for 5,000 live participants and six speakers

  • Webinar.net

The youngest of the platforms, webinar.net has rapidly gained popularity for its fresh approach to webinars and conferencing. With a crisp, clear interface, webinar.net offers the best functionality at cost-effective pricing.

Webinar.net offers live, prerecorded live, and on-demand webinars that are customizable to great detail. From customized registration pages and e-mails to speaker biographies to branding slide decks, webinar.net ensures you have everything you need for your webinar. In this way, it reflects your brand personality. 

Other platform features include HD-quality videos that stream even with a poor Internet connection, attendee-controlled slides, polls, and surveys. 


Squad<100: $500/month for 100 live participants 

Squad<500: $833/month for 500 live participants

Enterprise<1,000: $1,250/month for 1,000 live participants

Enterprise< 1,500: $1,500/month for >1,500 live participants and multiple concurrent webinars

Worth the Effort

Webinar.net emerges as the most promising choice for a modern, web-based platform. It works to creating hassle-free hosting and attending experiences. The possibilities with this platform are huge, and the degree of personalization is certainly worth the effort.