Depending on your purpose for a webinar, you’ll find many options among the host of webinar platforms available today. While some focus on selling, others focus on interaction and training. The best part about webinars is that they are extremely versatile and help you reach a larger audience. 

When considering platforms that accommodate larger numbers, we look at the number of participants, audio and video quality, and pricing. Here are five webinar platforms for a large audience.

  • EasyWebinar

For both live and automated webinars, EasyWebinar is just what its name suggests: easy-to-use webinars that look and feel cool. In addition, it allows livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube at the same time. 

With live webinars, a total of four presenters can share their screens and present at a time. Along with e-mail integrations, following up through messages and Skype makes EasyWebinar a good choice for a large audience. Priced between $78/month for 100 live attendees to $129/month for 500 participants, you can save if you choose an annual plan.

  • MyOwnConference

The best part about MyOwnConference is that it allows you to easily view its schedule with access to multiple webinars in one place. In addition, this platform records HD-quality webinars that you can share with your participants. Supporting around 16 languages, MyOwnConference offers white-label solutions for agencies and brands.

While this platform is free for up to 20 participants and three presenters, it can get quite expensive if you need to include more participants. The number of attendees determines the scaled prices, and costs include storage space and HD-quality videos. Prices on this platform can reach up to $250/month for 1,000 attendees. 

  • BigMarker

Another great choice for virtual conferences and webinars, BigMarker can accommodate up to 10,000 people at a time. In addition, livestreaming on BigMarker allows you to create an interactive experience using polls, Q&As, and surveys. Also, there are no caps on the number of presenters on this platform.

Following a seven-day trial period, monthly costs will run between $79 (100 participants) to $299 (1,000 participants). Subscription costs include analytical tools to understand your audience better, e-mail templates, contact management, customized webinars, and a customized URL.

  • Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect webinars work tremendously for large organizations and agencies. People use this platform mostly to showcase products and services. It helps reach out to a large audience. With various templates to choose from, Adobe Connect also features polls, surveys, blogs, and videos. 

Following a 30-day trial, Adobe Connect charges $130/month for 100 participants and $580/month for 1,000 participants. This makes it one of the pricier webinar platforms.


One of the newest platforms on the market, has a fresh approach to video conferencing and virtual events. The best thing about is its flexibility to customize an event to fit each host’s needs. is very simple to use. Because it’s browser-based, you don’t need to download it. In addition, you can customize your content and webinar style to great length, reflecting your company’s branding.

Prices range from $500/month (100 live participants and unlimited on-demand viewers) to $1,500/month (more than 1,500 live attendees and unlimited on-demand participants). On an annual subscription, you also get two months’ service free! Stands Above the Rest 

While every platform has its uses and limitations, choosing the best webinar tool would depend upon your specific needs and goals. Considering the fluidity involved, we’d recommend It gives you the most freedom to showcase your company’s unique style and is super easy to use.