Webinar.net’s Virtual Events Solution Made Phillips 66 Yearly Summit for Partners and Vendors a Huge Success

When a pivot to full-digital for their yearly Summit necessitated a change in approach for Phillips 66® Lubricants, they found the seamless integration, ease of use, and customer service they were looking for with webinar.net.
Each year, Phillips 66 hosts their annual summit for partners and vendors, where they share new product information, discuss industry trends and connect one-on-one. In 2020, the pandemic meant a switch from an in-person event to one that was fully digital, but the team at Phillips 66 was determined to make it as informative and interactive as their traditional event. Hosting a virtual event can be overwhelming, and one of the more challenging aspects is the technical set-up of the content sessions. With webinar.net, Phillips 66 found a partner that could easily integrate with their virtual platform. Even better? The webinar.net platform proved to be easy to use, not only for the event marketing team but for the speakers who were scheduled to present their sessions.

Ease of Use Makes All the Difference

Phillips 66 had a line-up of executives and experts from around the world prepared to speak at the summit. When the event went virtual, they found they were able to add thought leaders who would have otherwise been unavailable, thanks to the simplicity of using webinar.net to record their sessions. With no dial-in necessary, speakers could set up recording sessions when it was convenient for them and record their remarks via their computer, with no downloads, plug-ins, or phone lines required. Capturing the twelve sessions was a breeze and the webinar.net support team assisted them every step of the way. “Sometimes we’d only have a matter of minutes to set up a recording and capture a speaker’s presentation, but the customer success team was always there and available,” said Alex Nisimblat of Demand Frontier, who worked with Phillips 66 to make the event a reality. “The fact that speakers didn’t need to dial-in for their recording was a game-changer.”

Creating a Great Attendee Experience

While the presentations were all pre-recorded, Phillips66 utilized a number of webinar.net’s event components to make the sessions feel more interactive and authentic. From incorporating video clips to offering resources of relevance to the session content, they were able to add value for their attendees while sharing important information. The icing on the cake? Phillips 66 used the Q&A feature and manned the interface so that they could take attendee questions and respond to them in real-time. “It was easy to use the interface, answer attendee questions during the live sessions, and communicate with team members behind the scenes.” Said Julie Wright, Director of Brand Management at Phillips 66. “We were also able to provide live tech support during the sessions to ensure a great user experience to the audience members without causing any disruption to the session.” Adding to the positive user experience, webinar.net was able to help Phillips 66 implement single sign-on functionality so that attendees were able to input their information once and then attend any session with ease.

Event Reporting Allows Real-time Tracking of Activity and Success

Utilizing webinar.net’s real-time reporting, it was simple for the team to see who was watching a session, how they interacted with the content, and whether they asked questions – all on an intuitive dashboard. And, with over 900 attendees and a 90% conversion of registrants to attendees on both days of this two-day Summit, Alex and Julie had a lot of valuable information to review and analyze.
While Phillips 66 initially turned to webinar.net to help with their virtual Summit, they’ve since discovered that the platform allows them to successfully implement webinars for training and other purposes. With webinar.net Phillips 66’s executives are able to record their content when and where they want, eliminating the need for juggling schedules, and the interface is so intuitive they feel comfortable capturing their content with or without help.
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