Imagine this: you’re organizing a webcast, and you follow every rule in the rulebook. You acquire quality equipment, choose a compelling topic, invite an engaging speaker, and nail the promotion. Nevertheless, your webcast still doesn’t yield the results you expected. Does this sound like your problem?

What if we told you that the problem lies with your webcast production software? When choosing a platform to host your webcast, the most expensive or feature-rich option is not necessarily the best. The right webcast production software for you must suit your exact use case and needs. Otherwise, the results will inevitably be disappointing.

There’s a list of considerations that you need to factor in before deciding on a webcast production software. Here are six easy steps to guide your decision.

  1. Chalk Out Your Goals

    Before setting out on your search for the right webcast hosting software, it’s crucial to have a concrete idea of your goals. How do you intend to use such a platform? What do you wish to accomplish with it? Every webcast production software is different. You’ll find that some software is better equipped to handle certain use cases than others. Mapping out your goals will help narrow down your options.
  2. Set a Budget

    There are hundreds of webcast production software out there across various price points. You must set a budget before picking software and sticking to your choice. If you do this, you can avoid paying more than you can afford. That way, you will not put a dent in your company’s budget. Without a budget in place, you may also end up paying for features you don’t require.
  3. Determine the Features You Need

    Prepare a thorough and exhaustive list of the features you need to deliver a compelling webcast. In addition to the features you need, we would strongly encourage you to look for software with an assortment of interactive tools and a detailed analytics feature, as these are valuable elements to have regardless of use case.
  4. Make a List of the Webcast Production Software that Catch Your Eye

    As you consider your options, prepare a list of webcast production software that catches your eye.  You need a list of 10-12 platforms that roughly meet your criteria. Making a note of potential providers will ensure that you do not forget any when making the final decision.
  5. Narrow Down Your Options

    Narrowing down your webcast software choices is the most challenging step. As you close in on your top pick, you have to narrow down your list of 10-12 webcast production software to a maximum of three platforms that are closest to what you’re looking for. These three platforms are what you’ll be considering most thoroughly.
  6. Compare and Make Your Choice

    The final step is to compare your top choices closely. Conduct intensive research and learn the ins and outs of these platforms. Keep an eye out for a user-friendly interface, a free trial, collaborative features, and everything else that is integral to your delivery of a flawless webcast. Once your research is complete, settle for the one that best fits the bill.

Choose Wisely

At the end of the day, your attendees will not criticize your webcast production software for any hitches in the webcast. The onus will be on you as the organizer. Based on this, make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above and make a decision you can defend.