An interactive webcast can do wonders for your company. It can help drive engagement among prospective customers and business partners. Interactive webcasts accomplish your training goals with relative ease. With interactive webcasts, you can highlight your products and services while addressing customer queries.

Let’s take a look at interactive webcast software and how best to approach hosting interactive webcasts.

What is webcast software?

Webcast software allows you to cast an audio-video feed of a live event to a global audience using the internet. Participants can join in using their credentials or invites, watch the event, and engage with it using a variety of interactive features.

To make this possible, webcast software typically includes features like polls, Q&A, screen sharing, file sharing, and detailed analytics.

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Tips for Hosting an Interactive Webcast

1. Use polls to your advantage

 Take the pulse of your audience with opinion polls to understand their needs better. This information can help you refine your products and services.

2. A live Q&A session can earn you brownie points

 Hosting a live Q&A session lets you address your customers’ most important queries. It can also send a positive message to your customers about your intent to solve problems.

3. An interesting slide decks

 When showcasing a concept or a product, an interesting slide deck can achieve much more than just talking about it. Supplement your lecture with pictures, videos, and interactive graphics to create maximum impact.

4. Energetic and passionate delivery

 Interactive webcasts allow presenters to communicate strongly their passion for the product. When your audience can feel your passion, they can believe in your products more convincingly.

5. Anecdotes are a nice touch

 A great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level is to share anecdotes. Anecdotes can also bring welcome relief to dry, technical webcast sessions.

6. Live chat function for better engagement

 Creative use of live chats can help you connect with your audience one-on-one. Along with the positive reinforcement of personal attention, you can also learn vital information about your target audience.

Interactive Webcast Software: Our Recommendations


 You can use a versatile webinar platform very effectively for interactive webcasts. You can infuse your brand into promotional emails, reminders, and sign-up pages. Make use of Q&A, polls, whiteboards, and screen sharing to drive maximum engagement. Features like live chat and breakout rooms can do wonders to enhance interaction.

  • WebinarNinja

 WebinarNinja bundles several interactive features that can bring you closer to your audience, and scores points with many businesses because it’s easy to use. Rich dashboards and report generation can bring you further insight into your audience and the topics and formats that really excite them.

  • Demio

 With Demio, you can set up interactive webcasts with excellent audio and video quality for a well-rounded experience. You can use a host of specialized branding and engagement tools to cast live or hybrid events, meetings, or product showcases. Demio is also excellent for marketing-focused webcasts.

With these helpful hints and the right interactive webcast software, you can form concrete connections with your customers and reap the benefits. If you’re confused about which webcast software you need, we can help. Contact today.