Webinars form terrific ways to communicate with a large group of people at a time. From presentations to product demonstrations, it helps deliver a message to partners, employees, and prospective clients. Hosting a webinar is easy, but hosting a great webinar is what matters. An excellent webinar is informative and engaging, creates an impact and helps generate leads. Here’s how to make a webinar that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Picking An Interesting Topic

Ensure that your topic is compelling and resonates with your viewers. There are many ways to go about this. You can use a small survey or look at past interactions with clients to tell you what subjects they want to hear more about. 

When you have an excellent topic, you can design your webinar for motivation and information. An exciting topic gives your speaker (s) the space to navigate an interesting discussion. 

  • Opting For The Right Webinar Platform

You must choose the right platform for your webinar, because you want increased traffic to your site. A solid webinar platform allows you to customize all your communication with attendees to reflect your brand. You should also have the flexibility to choose between conducting live or recorded webinars. Make sure the platform you choose is easy to navigate and does not have a clunky software or interface. Clunkiness with a platform can put off your viewers, so keep that in mind when planning how to make a webinar.

Webinar.net is an outstanding choice for those new to hosting webinars. Setting up a webinar on this platform happens in under a minute, through five easy steps. 

You can host webinars on Webinar.net live, recorded, or pre-recorded. Webinar.net is completely cloud-based, so your viewers don’t need to download additional plug-ins.  

  • Customize Your Branding

Webinars should benefit both you and your attendees. All your content, communication, and other materials need to reflect your brand. Once you choose a theme for your webinar, you can pick a relevant image for your landing page. 

The logo and design of your webinar should also be in line with your company brand. Branding is one way to ensure that the audience remembers your company through the use of visual aids.

Platforms like Webinar.net allow you to customize in detail. From registration landing pages to slides, emails, and calendars, you can pick the colors and design of your choice. A neat and well-designed UI, or user interface is one way to create a memorable first impression on your audience. It is one of the core steps included in how to make a webinar.

  • Curate Engaging Content

It all boils down to matter, matter, and matter. An interesting topic backed by engaging slides and polls is the way to go. Polls and surveys help engage your audience, making the session life-like to them. Handouts are another way to engage your audience, especially before the event. Handouts let your attendees know what to expect and helps prepare the field for you.

  • Promote Your Event Right

Successful webinar hosts promote their webinars effectively. As word spreads about your webinar, interested people need to know how to reach your event. There are many ways to achieve this. Social media is an effective tool to reach out to a larger crowd. 

Picking a relevant hashtag makes it easier for people to talk about your event. You also need to showcase your event on your company website and on your official social media handles. 

Now You’re Ready

Setting up your webinar correlates with the concept of how to make a webinar. You need to reach out to people as well so they know where, how, and when to attend.

Following up is essential to the success of your webinar – you should want to find out from your audience what their experience was like. Any suggestions and feedback your audience has will help you build on upcoming events. Also, remember to make a recording of your webinar available. It helps you build a digital library, and publishing it can help you widen your reach. Once you have the basics down, you’re ready to begin hosting webinars.