One of the best things about the digital age is versatility in learning. Anyone can pick up any skill regardless of the level of expertise: beginner, intermediate, or expert. If you’ve been hearing a lot about webinars as a medium, but are wondering where to begin, here are four online webinar software options that are just perfect if you’re a newbie to webinar conferencing.


For many reasons, is an excellent choice for any beginner. First, you can set up a meeting in under 60 seconds by following a simple five-step process. The platform offers live, pre-recorded, and on-demand webinars. That way, you can focus on interacting with your audience. offers superior video streaming quality even in low bandwidth. The platform is cloud-based, so viewers don’t need to download any additional plug-ins while using Beginners can use the highly customizable features available on the platform to create their brand image.

  • WebinarNinja

This online webinar software is another wise option for beginners. Platform designers have packed the user-friendly interface with amazing, easy-to-use features. Setting up a webinar in WebinarNinja is quick, with simple sign-up pages and creative thank-you notes. 

This platform offers live, recorded, series and hybrid webinars. WebinarNinja comes with some useful in-webinar features like polls, customized registration pages, and insightful analytics. What’s more, it integrates well with more than 1,000 apps through Zapier. You could use WebinarNinja to organize some high-converting events. 

  • EverWebinar

Another good option for beginners is EverWebinar, which is a built-in integration with WebinarJam. The primary reason for the integration is the host of options available to engage platform users. You can set up webinars in under three minutes and record automatically. 

This online webinar software offers cloud-based webinars with real-time stats and webinars that start immediately on registration. With that said, you can convert live events of the past into evergreen events, which makes them available for a larger audience.  

  • Demio

A popular webinar and conferencing platform, Demio is also suitable for beginners. This platform avoids additional downloads and has the potential to generate leads through its events. Through both live and automated webinars, Demio features some excellent flexibility in terms of customization. From registration landing pages to visual aesthetics, you can customize everything to match your brand. 

Demio has some other things that are of great value to a beginner, including useful analytics and insights, polls and handouts, and a great waiting room experience. Marketing tools that are a part of Demio include strong tech support, email automation, and event reminders. In addition, you can integrate the tools on Demio with other marketing tools.

Key Aspects for Webinars

Some people are new to hosting webinars, but it doesn’t take long to learn this skill. You should know there are a few things you can look for while choosing online webinar software. 

  • Budget – Make sure you choose a platform that offers a free trial, which gives you a chance to decide if it’s appropriate for your needs.
  • Setup – Setting up a webinar should be simple and not involve complicated navigations.
  • Robust tech support – Webinar beginners need all the help they can get. Make sure you collaborate with someone who can help you sort out any glitches you may face.
  • Insights – It’s always good to know what your audience is thinking. Insights help you determine the impact of your event and get you to plan better for your next one.