Businesses use webinars for many purposes, mainly to communicate with a large group of people remotely. It allows you to promote a thought, product, or service on a global level. Not everyone can meet in the same location at the same time. Employees may have their base in another location, or they are on a business trip. If you’re looking to conduct meetings, product demos, or collaborations, webinars are a great way to get work done. 

So how do you host a webinar? With the multitude of options out there, hosting a webinar is easy once you get started. Here are five things that can make your webinar one of a kind. 

  1. Select A Compelling Topic

A lot depends on the material you present and how you present it. Make sure you pick a topic that is interesting and informative. You need to understand what the audience wants to know about by using surveys and questionnaires. 

Once you choose an interesting topic, be sure to pick an eloquent speaker who brings the topic to life. Guest speakers also offer a refreshing change and help keep things upbeat. Make sure your speaker is familiar with the topic and is comfortable speaking on camera. They also must know how to answer questions—both expected and unexpected–from the audience.

  1. Streamline Content For Consistent Engagement

Once you narrow down your topic, make sure you structure your slides and other material effectively. Keep your audience engaged through informative slides and handouts. If you have handouts, you’ll want to have them available on the platform or as an email before the session. Your slides and handouts let your viewers know what’s in store when you host a webinar. 

Polls, surveys, and other in-webinar engagement options ensure audience involvement in the webinar. A strong script backed by data and evidence is a sure way to get your audience’s attention. Designers of platforms like equip them with in-webinar engagement tools that make communication seamless. 

  1. Use Gamification To Make Your Webinar More Fun

Inserting a little gamification, or the elements of a game, into your webinar does a lot for your audience in terms of fun. Icebreakers and team-building games at the beginning of a webinar can help your group get comfortable, communicate effectively and prepare for the information ahead. 

If you host webinars among teams, game playing introduces fun and excitement into the webinar. The games promote team spirit and motivate members to give their best. 

  1. Promote Your Event

Sometimes a webinar with great content and good speakers doesn’t create the impact it could.  You may not have promoted your webinar well enough.  Hosting a webinar is about making sure it reaches the right people at the right time. There are many ways to promote your upcoming webinar. 

Currently, social media is a popular source of promotion. The reach and visibility of this medium make it easy to get your webinar noticed. A hashtag gets people talking about your event, and slowly word of mouth takes over. Also, working with collaborators who share similar goals allows you to co-market your event. This way, you can cash in on your partner’s client base and widen your reach.

  1. Know Your Audience

The whole point of holding a webinar is to attract your audience to an idea or product. While it’s not easy to know everything about your audience, a few things can give you a head start. Understand where your audience is on the topic of discussion. When you know your audience, you can adjust your pace to suit their needs. 

Before you begin your webinar, get an idea of the questions your audience has related to the topic. Surveys and polls are outstanding ways of keeping track of audience needs. Insights and analytics also help in monitoring trends and participant feedback. 

The Right Focus

Hosting a webinar is all about the different stakeholders in the right mix. It is impossible to prepare for every eventuality. However, building on each webinar hosting experience is undoubtedly one way to get things right while you grow as a host.