Companies of all sizes are adapting webinars as a business strategy for their effectiveness as a marketing tool. The same is true for start-ups and non-profit organizations.

Webinars can benefit non-profits and start-ups that need an added push in marketing. With that said, the effectiveness or success of the webinar depends mainly on the webinar platform you choose. So, it’s imperative to pick what is suited to the application or event.

Look no further if you want to start hosting webinars. The top webinar platforms for start-ups and non-profits are listed below.

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How to Choose the Best Webinar Platform for Your Start-up/Non-Profit

The best webinar platforms for non-profits and start-ups should ideally include the following features.

1) Affordable pricing: Start-ups and non-profit organizations are frequently on a shoestring budget, with little room for pricey marketing campaigns. Webinars can be cost-effective if you pick a reasonably priced platform. Splurging top dollar on webinar software is easy, but the best platforms provide the essential features at a fair price.

2) Ease of use: When hosting a webinar for a start-up or non-profit organization, usability is an essential factor. You must pick a platform with an easy-to-use user interface (UI). Remember your target demographic will comprise people with various levels of technical skills. For those less tech-savvy, the best webinar platforms provide tutorials, how-to articles, and live chat support.

3) Engagement tools: Non-profits and start-ups frequently target a large audience to reach as many people as possible. The challenge with a big crowd is keeping everybody attentive and engaged. Look for webinar systems with optimal immersive features if you want to master the engagement element of your webinars. The tools could include live chat, surveys, quizzes, and polls.


Best Webinar Platforms for Start-ups and Non-profits — Four Top Picks


If you want seamless integrations, is one of the best webinar platforms for non-profits and start-ups. This platform features extensive analytics that can assist small businesses in transforming their marketing approach. When you align with, the upshot is consistently getting better results.

2) Zoho Meeting

You can effortlessly create engaging and educational webinars with the support of Zoho Meeting. Zoho Meeting features an easy-to-use design and is suitable for business partnerships. This is a quality that many non-profits and start-ups require. Zoho Meeting has a complete browser-based functionality which is a favorite feature.

3) GetResponse

If you want to upgrade your digital marketing to the next level, GetResponse offers free and premium plans. The best part is the plethora of 30+ engagement tools. Making your webinars interactive and exciting for your audience will be a breeze.

4) BigMarker

BigMarker is an expert at the customization that start-ups and non-profits frequently require to match their shifting demands. You can promote your webinars to increase brand awareness and build your online visibility. The software is curated for the user, and the engagement features are intuitive.

The best webinar platform can elevate your non-profit or start-up organization to the heights of success, so choose wisely! If you are unsure about which webinar platform is ideal for you, contact now.