More than 60 percent of marketers are using webinars to generate leads. Impressive, huh? The popularity of webinars has shot through the roof over the past few years. More and more marketers are taking advantage of them. Don’t get left behind. 

Want to know why they’re so popular? It’s because they’ve proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels. Here’s the thing – 73 percent of B2B marketers claim that webinars are the best way to generate qualified leads

So, what does this data tell us?

Webinars are, clearly, one of the best ways to convert traffic and subscribers into customers. This is because people love hands-on walkthroughs and lessons that can help them solve their problems. After all, they’re only buying your product. 

Are Webinars that Good? 

Yes, they are. Webinars are a form of high-quality, interactive content that customers and marketers love. They’re great for lead generation and onboarding new customers. Marketers get the power to engage in real two-way conversations with their audiences. 

Even more impressive is that webinars can generate a conversion rate of up to 19 percent. This is, of course, for the very best webinars. More than 50 percent of the people who see your landing page sign up. Out of those, 36 percent will attend the webinar. These conversation rates are more than impressive, given the global average conversion rates for PPC ads and websites.

Here’s Why Shouldn’t You Let Attendees Download and Install Meeting Software

These impressive conversion rates mean nothing if they’re not converting into sales. Your goal as a marketer is to move people through the entire customer lifecycle – from prospect to customer. To make webinars work for you, you need to maximize conversions at every step. 

The fact is, you’ll never get everyone who signed up for your webinar to show up. Some of the reasons why people don’t show up include:

  • They had other engagements at the time.
  • They lost interest.
  • They were gunning for the replay and not the live webinar.
  • They forgot.
  • They experienced technical difficulties.

You can’t do much about most of these reasons. But you can do something about “technical difficulties.” Make it as easy as possible to attend the webinar. If your registrant-to-attendee ratio is too low, you might want to reassess your onboarding process. 

One of the ways to reduce abandonment rates is to eliminate the need for downloading and installing meeting software. 

More Reasons for Eliminating Webinar Software Downloads and Installs

1. Registrant Procrastination

Here’s a fun fact – 69 percent of webinar registrations occur the week leading up to the webinar. Thirty-three percent of these occur on the day of the webinar. This means that a lot of people leave it to the last minute. Many of these people don’t have time to start fiddling around with software, trying to figure out how it works. 

2. You’ll Leave Out Mobile Device Users

Twenty-five percent of people use a mobile device to watch webinars. This is why you want to work with online webinar platforms that don’t require plugins or downloads. Such providers have a web-based platform that allows attendants to access webinars seamlessly from their browsers.