In a post-pandemic work setting, webinars and video conferences are garnering more attention than ever. For communicating with a remote team, employee training, or marketing a product, webinars are the way to go. Let’s check out some of the best webinar platforms of 2021. 


Launched in 2019, has rapidly grown to become a reliable and efficient webinar platform. Designed to revolutionize marketing tools, is extremely easy to use and works with a smooth user interface.

This cloud-based software operates on zero downloads and allows users to host webinars for large groups at very reasonable rates. focuses on building the brand and reputation of the host organization. It does this through excellent customizing options for all your content, landing pages, and e-mails. provides organizations with superior quality audios and videos through live, prerecorded live, and on-demand broadcasting options. 

  • WebinarGeek

Another webinar platform known for its easy navigation is WebinarGeek. You can expect some powerful interactions with a global audience with the right marketing tools through this software. 

This platform streams videos on any device in a secure, reliable space without the hassle of downloads. The industry knows WebinarGeek for its simplified communication, marketing, and business model. 

This platform offers useful in-webinar features, such as polls, surveys, and questionnaires, that help engage the audience better. These features also give insights into attendee behavior and feedback.

  • MaestroConference

A growing name in the domain of social conferencing, MaestroConference is all about hosting events on a large scale. The platform makes sure that communication is smooth and active, even in large groups. 

Among other features, MaestroConference hosts expert training programs that help you learn the best ways to engage the audience. These programs can also help you create an impact on that same audience. Scheduling events is also easy as it helps manage and customize registration pages and reminders with just a click.

Self-registration and PIN-driven registration help easily identify participants. Marketing your events happen smoothly with Facebook integration, allowing your webinar to reach larger numbers in lesser time.

  • Airmeet

An all-in-one platform, Airmeet hosts virtual events, summits, conferences, and workshops. With a well-designed social lounge, this platform offers a rich networking experience.

You can schedule events in a matter of minutes and deliver a highly customized experience reflecting your brand. With prerecorded and live broadcasting options, webinars have a separate backstage and neat host and co-host management.

You can host breakout sessions and huddles from expandable tables and lounges. These allow up to 50 participants. In-session features include chats, polls, Q&As, and downloadable collaterals. Networking is another key focus, where chat and DM options are available to converse. 

  • VoiceVoice

A solution-driven platform, VoiceVoice allows for interactions on a massive scale. This is an appealing and interactive platform that mobilizes and engages participants. 

This platform is not just about hosting webinars. It also helps keep an organization’s customer base engaged. The recorded videos encourage the audience members to vote, volunteer, donate, and share on Facebook, all in real time. 

Recorded videos played in real time allow viewers to watch at their convenience and ensure that discussions happen at any time. 

A Monumental Event

Depending on the type of event you plan to host, there is a range of platforms to choose from. The best webinar platforms in 2021 help convert any run-of-the-mill webinar into an event you can’t miss.