With the digital realm ever-expanding, this is probably the best time for webinar software platforms. Webinar hosting software has made excellent versatility and superior user experience a reality. 

As many businesses and organizations have started adopting webinars for various purposes, the competition between platforms has also increased. There are myriad options to choose from. So let’s look at the top three webinar hosting software. In addition, these are the most relevant in 2021.

  1. Webinar.net

A fresh, relatively new webinar hosting software, webinar.net has been gaining popularity rather quickly. On the same lines as the generation that uses it, this platform is all about adaptability, functionality, and sustainability.

Some of Webinar.net’s best features include:

  • An option to host live, prerecorded live, and on-demand webinars
  • A web-based system that cuts down unnecessary plug-in or add-on downloads for attendees
  • Super-fast webinars that set up in a matter of minutes
  • High-quality audio and video streaming, even with a poor Internet connection
  • In-webinar features, such as polls, surveys, and questions for the audience
  • E-mail, calendar, and social media integrations
  • Wildly customizable features for registration landing pages, e-mails, and slides
  1. Demio

Another great-looking platform, Demio has been a favorite for many webinar hosts. In addition to its no-download webinars, Demio works as a solid marketing tool for lead generation.

Here’s what’s right with Demio:

  • Option to host live and recorded webinars
  • Content and registration landing pages that reflect your brand
  • Storage space for about 100 recordings
  • Chats, polls, and handouts for audience engagement
  • Easy integration with other marketing tools
  • Built-in analytics and insights that help you understand the pulse of your audience
  • Automated e-mails and event reminders that help your attendees stay in the loop
  1. Livestorm

Livestorm does phenomenally as a webinar hosting software, working perfectly for demos and sales. It’s adaptable and works on any browser, irrespective of the size of your webinar. In addition to demos, organizations can use Livestorm in customer training and employee onboarding. They can also use it for online courses and video podcast interviews.

The reason why it’s among the top-rated software is that Livestorm offers some incredible e-mail logistics. This logistics helps you automate, send, and track promotional e-mails – all with a customized touch. 

Here’s what’s great about this platform:

  • The option to host live, on-demand, and automated webinars
  • GDPR-compliant data security that is robust
  • Joining webinars happen at a click and from anywhere — one doesn’t need to register separately or create an account
  • Has some interesting webinar themes to choose from
  • Offers interactive features, such as chats, polls, and surveys, for better engagement
  • Livestorm offers a free plan with essential features
  • Outlines a detailed report of attendance, participation, replay, and source tracking analytics

Indelible Thoughts

With so many webinar hosting platforms in use today, not all effectively turn prospects into customers. What sets a stellar webinar platform apart from the rest is its ability to create a lasting impression. Any time you impress the minds of viewers in this way is a good thing. This is because this is no mean feat – it is not an everyday accomplishment. In addition, you can only achieve it with a lot of thought put into user behavior and technological advancement.

When choosing your webinar hosting software, remember to research your audience and use visual branding to the maximum. These two things help you track down your potential audience. It also helps you remain in their minds long after the speaker signs off.