Choosing the right on-demand webinar software can be confusing and intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Tons of software out there provide varied feature sets, each supporting a unique use case. Therefore, to pick the right webinar software, it’s crucial to have a clear idea about the goal of your webinar.

Besides having an established goal, you should also ideally be looking for software with a few standard features that enhance the overall webinar experience. These features are common to all the best on-demand webinar software and you can leverage irrespective of your webinar goals.

Let’s take a look at some great webinar features.

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Key Features of the Best On-Demand Webinar Platforms

  • Automated webinars

One of the essential features that can drastically improve your webinar-hosting experience is support for automated webinars. The host can set up the webinars beforehand and can then run them from start to finish without any further intervention. Many on-demand webinar software offers both fully and partially automated webinars. With this type of webinar, you can produce greater volumes of quality content, and also avoid technical malfunctions that occur during live webinars. Platforms such as Demio and WebinarNinja provide automated webinar services.

  • Polls and surveys

Interactive elements, particularly polls and surveys, are a core part of every successful webinar presentation. They help establish two-way communication between the speaker and the attendees and improve engagement. You must keep an eye out for these two interactive elements when deciding on an on-demand webinar software. supports a host of interactive elements that can take your webinar-hosting to the next level.

  • Time zone auto-detection

When you’re dealing with a global customer base, it’s vital to know your participants’ local time zones. Knowing participant time zones ahead of time makes scheduling your webinars infinitely easier and yields more accurate time-zone-specific analytics. GoToWebinar and EverWebinar are examples of on-demand webinar software that comes with this nifty feature.

  • Free tutorial

You can overlook this feature when searching for the right on-demand webinar software. It’s worth noting that not all of your potential webinar attendees will be equally tech-savvy. While some may be able to easily navigate their way around the webinar platform, others may struggle. The best webinar platforms come equipped with free tutorials so that everyone can get the most out of them. Platforms like Livestorm offer in-depth tutorials on creating webinars and using the software.

  • Security

Security is one of the most important considerations when choosing an on-demand webinar software. Perhaps your webinars contain classified company information, strategies, and staff training. A lack of adequate security measures could easily lead to a privacy breach. Always look for platforms that offer the option of hosting private password-protected webinars that attendees access with the proper credentials. Platforms such as WebinarJam and GetResponse offer options for both open-to-all and password-protected webinars.

It’s Time to Make a Choice

Now that you have a rough idea of what features to look for in on-demand webinar software, it’s time to take your pick. In addition to the features listed above, you can also look for seamless integrations and detailed analytics to get maximum value out of your webinars. Need help maximizing your business webinar potential? Contact today.