A successful webinar is like a finished puzzle — a number of smaller pieces come together to make it complete. Think of the webinar tool you host your webinar on as the final piece of the puzzle, one that could make or break it. In order for your webinar to be of value, it is vital that you host it on the right platform. While there’s an endless list of webinar tools to choose from, not all of them fit the bill.

When embarking on your search for the perfect webinar tool, there are a number of things you need to consider. What interactive elements would you like to incorporate? What features are you looking for? How many attendees are you expecting?

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best webinar tools out there to make your search easier. Weigh in the above factors and take your pick.


WebinarNinja is the perfect blend of flexible webinar capabilities and intuitive design. It has support for almost every type of webinar, be it automated, live, hybrid, or series. In terms of boosting engagement, there’s a whole lot that you can accomplish with this platform. From taking polls and displaying the results and chatting with your audience to sharing course materials and hosting Q&As — you can do it all.

The platform also comes loaded with a bunch of integrations with systems such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and Squarespace. What’s more, you get a wide assortment of ready-to-use slide templates to choose from.


Webinar.net is another top contender for the title of the best webinar tool you can get your hands on. Perfect for seamlessly hosting webinars with a large audience, this webinar tool provides you with everything you could possibly need to whip up a webinar. Our favorite thing about this platform is its versatility and the fact that it allows you to customize your webinars on a granular level. The interface is modern and easy to use, with absolutely no plug-ins involved.


Livestorm is another excellent webinar tool that stands out for its incredible ease of use and its detailed analytics. With this platform, you get a host of automation features such as promotional emails, event registration pages, custom event reminder emails and more. It also has support for the entire suite of webinar types, be it on-demand, live, or pre-recorded.


WebinarJam can accommodate as many as 5,000 attendees without even the tiniest bit of delay. The best part, however, is that it comes with all the interactive elements that webinar tools for smaller groups have to offer. Through this platform, you can stream your webinars directly to YouTube and send SMS and email reminders. What really seals the deal is the automatic recording feature that records all your webinars.


User-friendly, modern, and hassle-free — Demio is about as good as webinar tools can get. It is filled to the brim with interactive features and delivers accurate stats in real time. You can also embed CTAs and launch offers within your webinar for improved conversion rates.

In A Nutshell At the end of the day, the best webinar tool for your business will not align with that of the next person. Make sure you assess your use case scenario thoroughly and choose accordingly.