More and more businesses are moving their operations to the cloud every day. The new year might be a good time for you to do the same, especially for webcasts. You already know about the benefits of webcasts and webcasting. A cloud webcast combines the power of webcasts with the versatility and scalability of the cloud.

Your webcasts can improve in impact and performance in many ways with a move to the cloud. Here are the main benefits of a cloud webcast and why you should use one.

What is a cloud webcasting platform?

Imagine a YouTube for webcasts. That’s exactly how a cloud webcasting platform operates. You can store your webcast videos in the cloud. You get all the established cloud computing and video processing capabilities built into the format. The provider manages video storage, optimization, and delivery.

You can deploy your own cloud webcasting platform or obtain one using the SaaS or Software as a Service model, which solves many inherent problems of traditional solutions and gives you a scalable, efficient, and feature-rich platform for webcasts.

Why use cloud webcast—The advantages

  • Overcome bandwidth issues: Cloud webcasting platforms can adaptively scale the video resolution up or down depending on the requirement. Your audience will be able to watch your webcasts at their preferred quality settings. You no longer lose your audience due to them having a low-bandwidth internet connection.
  • Say goodbye to accessibility limitations: Videos hosted on the cloud are accessible from any device in the world with an internet connection. You get to make your webcast events accessible to a very large audience with minimal effort.
  • Readily playable: Since you can directly stream videos from cloud webcasting solutions, there’s no need for anyone to download video content. Your audience can just start playing a video directly from its cloud location.
  • Optimized security and data protection: Cloud providers are usually big on security and data protection concerning their services. This means that you get to leverage those protections when choosing a cloud webcast. You’ll be able to find and patch any security issues through your providers in very little time.
  • Scalable like no other: Scalability is arguably the biggest benefit of moving to the cloud. As your business grows and evolves, cloud solutions can also develop and evolve to keep pace. Being scalable is extremely difficult and resource-intensive for in-premise infrastructure. On the cloud, however, you can scale your storage capacity any way you please.
  • Sharing made easy: Cloud webcasting platforms make it extremely easy to share your videos. With the right provider, you should be able to share your videos with one click. Most platforms also provide multiple sharing options that you can leverage to bring in a wider audience.

Bring the power of the cloud to your webcasts

A move to the cloud can benefit you in more ways than one. As far as moving your webcasting to the cloud, the advantages are compelling. You get supreme scalability and versatility. In addition, you get to make your webcasts count without having to worry about costly on-premise infrastructure. Consider a move to a cloud webcasting solution now.