Are you looking for the best large webinar software for 2021? You’re in luck – is just what the doctor ordered. You see, a good platform should help you get in touch with your staff, customers, and other audiences. No one does it better than

The Difference Between and Meeting Tools is a real webinar platform you can use to manage your events over the Internet. This makes it different from general meeting tools, such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. is perfect for presentations, workshops, conventions, and seminars.

And now you’re thinking, “I can use YouTube for this.” It’s true, but a good webinar tool provides a more interactive experience that allows for customer feedback, polling, and quizzes. You see, managing a large number of webinar attendees requires proper coordination and planning. provides the tools and features to make the process a breeze.

What Makes Worth Your While?

1.      Easy to Use

The webinar software you choose should be easy to use. Your audience shouldn’t have to download anything to use the tool. People should be able to use a link to access the webinar via a browser. allows you to broadcast live to your audience in under 60 seconds using a convenient five-step wizard. The tool is 100 percent web-based, so there’s no requirement for attendees to download anything. Moreover, you can pretty much integrate seamlessly with other tools and software. For instance, you might want to connect your e-mail or your social media platforms.

2.      Excellent Content Authoring Tools

For your webinar to be successful, you need registration landing pages, in-webinar sales tools, and chat features. For this, you need good authoring tools. These tools shave off hours from the time it takes to create professional-looking presentations. provides a wide range of content authoring tools that maximize the potential and reach of your webinars.

3.      Custom Branding

Most enterprises use webinars primarily to generate leads. As a result, you want attendees to associate the event with your brand. To make this work, you must use a webinar platform that allows for custom branding. Use your brand colors and logos during the event to make it truly yours. allows users to completely customize the tool’s look and feel.

4.      Amazing Interaction Tools

The whole point of hosting a webinar is to make sales. Consequently, you want to communicate with attendees via video, live chat, and quizzes in a seamless way. This is the only way to turn warm prospects into raving fans of your products and services.

A webinar software should come with tools that allow for engagement so attendees can feel more involved in the discussion. comes with in-webinar polling, live chat, moderated Q&A, presenter chat, presenter to audience chat, and group chat.

Conclusion                                       is the best large webinar software for 2021. It’s a next-gen online webinar platform that facilitates enterprises to connect, interact, and engage with clients, employees, and partners. Its cloud-built platform allows for enterprise-grade security and scalability. As a result, you can handle as many attendees as you want without breaking a sweat.