Who wants quality editing tools to create better webinars? Control freaks, improvisers, and everyone in between! So, whatever your personality, we’ll break down how and why your webinar’s editing suite is all-so-important.

At webinar.net, we spent a lot of time creating easy-to-use tools that customers like you want. We integrated exceptional video and editing tools into our cloud-based software, letting you craft the perfect presentation — easily.

1. Slice & dice pre-recorded clips for optimum results

If you’ve already run a live webinar, you can reimagine it however you like for later viewing. Or record everything ahead of time and edit it into a super polished event that you run “as if” it was live.

Match visuals with different audio. Pace and time everything the way you want it. Easily accomplish it all right inside the webinar.net platform. While you’re at it, create marketing snippets for social media, ads and other venues, too.

2. Eliminate scheduling hassles

There’s no need to align speaker schedules. Go ahead and prerecord all of your presenters ahead of time — separately — on whatever timeline suits them best.

This will also open up more possibilities for presenters because no one needs to conform to a particular day or even week.

3. Put your presenters (and yourself!) at ease

Your presenters will also appreciate how post-editing magic can erase any slip ups or snafus. They won’t need to stress about being perfect. And there’s no pressure to rerecord entire audio or visual pieces.

Did someone mis-speak? Did information change after the presentation was recorded? Was there an awkward moment like a coughing fit or unintended expletive? (It $#%ing happens to the best of us!)

No need to re-record slides or be stuck with mistakes or awkward moments. You can easily, precisely remove them —as if they never even happened.

With a strong editing tool, your opportunities to improve your webinars and expand their effectiveness are practically unlimited. Find out how the groundbreaking editing features of webinar.net will help you put together your best event yet.