Companies use webinars for various reasons today, and they have become a popular means of communication with large groups. While each webinar has a separate goal, a few things make them so convenient to use. 

Tapping into the potential of webinar features is one way of becoming the perfect host. Here are some webinar features that never fail to create a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Customizing Each Webinar

Picking a webinar software that allows the freedom to customize your webinar is key. This means you can reflect your thoughts and ideas more clearly, and, in turn, helps the audience connect better with you. 

Quality webinar software would include customizable features, such as:

  1. Add company logos or branding
  2. Change theme colors and page formats
  3. Customize invitations and other elements to appear consistent with everything else
  • Upload Handouts

When you put a lot of effort into organizing and executing your webinar, you want it to be worth the effort. Connecting with your audience can start before the session begins. Something as simple as a handout can help you achieve this.

Handouts are a great way to prepare your audience, and they serve as a teaser. People like having a “free” takeaway from the session, and they can help build momentum.

  • Conducting Live Polls

Interactive webinars are hands down the best sort you can have. Many webinar platforms have live polling features that help you engage your audiences better. Knowing where your group stands helps you understand if you’re meeting the objectives of the webinar. This gives you better control over your content and pace of delivery. 

Polling allows some real-time feedback and lets you know if you have to revisit parts of your presentation. What’s best is that your audience will feel a part of the session rather than just be passive listeners.

  • Survey for Instant Feedback

Reviewing progress is a basic aspect of being a host. If it’s your progress, it’s especially important to do. Surveys in webinars help you gain a perspective from your listeners and help you improve your stature so you can augment your digital effectiveness.

Surveys not only capture feedback, but you can also ask the participants questions related to your presentation. Questions that are an extension of your topic help you understand the audience’s pulse and prepare better for the next time. Remember to keep your surveys short and ask for your participants’ ideas of related topics they would want to hear about. 

  • Recording and Screen Sharing 

Recording and screen sharing are both vital to a webinar. They enhance your presence during and after the session. 

As a host, it’s your job to make viewing your webinar easy for your participants. Recorded versions ensure that interested participants don’t miss out on the opportunity simply because their schedules don’t match yours. Also, you can post recorded webinars on different online platforms to help you build your subscriber base. Recorded videos form a digital library that you can always revisit in the future. 

Sharing your screen with your participants is a feature that helps you know everyone is on the same page (quite literally). The audience feels more connected as you share your screen, and communication is clearer.

Using a combination of webinar features helps you engage your audience, creating a memorable experience for them. Use the post-session features, such as feedback, survey, and recording, to store and use elements of your session for later.