Prerecorded webinar platforms allow you to host events seamlessly that your target audience can conveniently view later. In addition to this flexibility, you can store these videos as a digital library and use them in marketing. 

While each platform has its uses, choosing the platform best suited for your needs is key. The features and limitations of each platform determine your chances of success using the platform. 

Here are some interesting prerecorded webinar platforms that can add value to your next presentation. 

  • Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a household name when it comes to chatting or individual conversations. This platform is a great option for groups of up to 30 people. Completely free with Google+, you can host on Hangouts only if you have a channel on YouTube and Chrome Browser. 

Hangouts automatically records the webinar and makes it available as a YouTube video for broadcast. This platform lets you invite certain members and gives space for more than one person to present at a time. 

Streaming is not private with Hangouts, so it’s more suitable for video conferencing than hosting paid events.

  • Zoho Meeting

Another conferencing software, Zoho Meeting, offers both video conferencing and a webinar solution. This platform is suited for small and large businesses alike and offers a range of applications. Providing remote support, team collaborations, webinars, and app demonstrations are all possible with Zoho Meeting. 

Polling, feedback, and online recording are some of the better features of Zoho Meeting. Once recorded, the videos are available to download in an MP4 format and share through a link.

  • Bluejeans

Bluejeans is a great option for hosting live events for a larger audience across the globe. This platform supports a variety of moderating options for one-on-one and one-to-many interactions. Completely browser-based, this platform offers superior audio and video quality along with multiple video display options. 

Bluejeans is slightly pricier than its counterparts. However, it’s a premium platform that does an excellent job hosting, recording, and following up on events.

  • GoToWebinar

A professional and reliable software solution, GoToWebinar can host up to 5,000 participants at a time. It does come at a price, though. Despite this, the operations are as smooth as can be. From custom e-mail invites to confirmations and reminders to surveys, this platform has it all. 

GoToWebinar also comes with some handy lead management and reporting options. This platform is app-based. It stores all recordings on the cloud, so you need to download them manually. 

  • On24

On24 doesn’t just host webinars. It also supports large-scale user conferences. This platform can customize experiences to fit your needs and provides analytics to understand user engagement. 

On24 has been around for a while. The platform can create a professional-looking webinar in no time. Scaling events and useful features, such as pooling, on-demand, and real-time statistics, are what you can expect with this platform. 

Pivotal Aspects

While selecting a software suited for your business, consider the following:

  • Must participants download a plugin?
  • How many participants will there be?
  • Are multiple presenters allowed?
  • Can you send out e-mail registrations at the time of registration?
  • Is the software suited for live events, on-demand webinars, or both?
  • What features of the platform can add value to your presentations?

Avoid using webinar tools that are shoddy downloads and extensions, have overcomplicated dashboards, or compromise audio and video quality. Prerecorded webinar platforms are very popular today for their versatility and feature-rich performance. If used right, they can be a powerful communication tool.