When organizing or attending a webinar, the subject matter and its presentation are key. Since the sole purpose of a webinar is content delivery, it only makes sense to prioritize content over other aspects. However, your ability to deliver quality content and the overall success of your webinar are dependent on your webinar software.

The capabilities of your webinar software can make or break event efforts, whether your goal is to offer training or garner leads. While some features, like interactive tools and quality integrations, enhance the overall experience, other features can do the exact opposite.

We have compiled a list of webinar software red flags that can potentially undermine the quality of your webinar.

1. Overcomplicated interface and dashboards

Whenever you host a webinar, it’s best to assume that not all of your attendees will be tech-savvy. It’s in your best interests to make sure your dashboard isn’t cluttered and that the interface is easy to navigate. Webinar software that fails to do so will deter participants from engaging or they’ll drop out of your event entirely.

As the webinar organizer, the onus is on you to make the webinar experience as smooth as possible. Look for webinar software with a simple, straightforward, and intuitive interface that anyone can easily navigate.

2. Multiple extensions and downloads

Unnecessary extensions and downloads can also potentially cost you viable leads. If a webinar software requires a tedious download process to attend the webinar, this is a glaring red flag. Avoid any software that you can’t easily download. Make it as easy as possible for your potential audience to reach you.

Ideally, choose webinar software that your audience can easily operate through a web browser. Additionally, the platform should work equally well on desktop and mobile, so that you can reach your entire customer base and harness the full potential of your webinar.

3. Technical limitations

Webinar software often compresses the audio and video of your webinar, leading to a subpar experience. Grainy, indistinct video and choppy, unintelligible audio are a death sentence for your webinar, hampering your presentation and your ability to effectively reach your goals. It also comes across as unpolished and unprofessional, which is not the brand impression you want to be leaving on your audience.

When weighing your options, conduct thorough dry runs on each platform and choose one that’s free of technical limitations.

4. Poor customer support

If customer support options, such as tutorials, live support, and FAQ sections, are difficult to locate, they serve no purpose. Superlative webinar software will make it easy to find these resources. 

Responses to participants’ queries should also be prompt and helpful. Poor customer support leads to a subpar webinar experience, which in turn lowers conversion rates.

Aspects to watch out for

A lot of planning and careful consideration goes into a successful webinar. If you watch out for these webinar software red flags, you’ll be able to deliver the finest experience for your audience and drive positive results for your business.