Hosting a webinar that positively impacts your business is certainly no cakewalk. It entails much more than just writing a script, making a presentation, inviting your audience, and reaping the rewards. A successful webinar is the product of days’ worth of meticulous planning and careful strategizing.

In its Cloud 100 2019 list, Forbes Magazine nominated the top 100 SaaS (Software as a Service) companies which had collectively raised over $25 billion in funding. Interestingly, most of these big SaaS names have an established webinar strategy in place. To provide you with some inspiration for coming up with your own webinar strategy, we have looked at these companies and their webinar SaaS practices. Here’s what we found.

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Webinar Branding

Branding your webinar is a crucial part of the webinar experience. It allows you to truly showcase your brand, its values, and why it’s the better choice, distinguishing you from your competitors. While less than half of the top SaaS companies brand their webinars, the ones doing it take it very seriously. Companies like Snowflake, InVision Talks, Riskified, and stand out because of their branding. They have interesting webinar series with catchy titles and featured images that align with their brand.

Webinar Format and Type

Another webinar SaaS practice that is common to many of the top SaaS companies is the interview or conversation webinar format. For their educational webinars, many of these organizations host interviews or conversations with industry experts and stakeholders. Not only does this allow them to improve their relationships with the biggest names in their respective industries, but it’s also a fantastic way of gaining access to a larger audience. As for webinar type, we found most of these SaaS companies to provide both live and pre-recorded webinars.

Webinar Use Cases

The webinar use case most prominent among the biggest SaaS organizations is educational webinars. In fact, this type of webinar is common to a whopping 93.5% of the top SaaS companies on Forbes’ Cloud 100 list. These companies leverage educational webinars to educate their audience while also establishing themselves as authoritative bodies and industry leaders. Other popular webinar SaaS use cases include demo webinars, product launch or feature introduction webinars, and case study webinars.

Webinar Library

The majority of the top SaaS companies have extensive and elaborate webinar libraries. These consist of both upcoming/live and pre-recorded/on-demand webinars. Many of these content libraries are also complete with sort and filter features to enable more refined searches.

Finer Details

Some of the largest SaaS companies run multilingual webinars; most of them primarily run their webinars in English. In terms of registration forms, we found that most of these companies have short and to-the-point webinar registration forms. They only collect information that is absolutely and immediately necessary.

Strategize for Better Webinars

The most crucial takeaway is that more than half of the world’s biggest SaaS companies have an active webinar strategy in place. Without a doubt, this plays a significant role in their growth. If webinars are a commonly used marketing asset in your company, walking in the footsteps of the top SaaS names and devising your own webinar strategy can surely benefit you. If you need help making webinars work for your business, we can help. Contact today for more information.