Webcasts have become a powerful tool for businesses to reach out to large audiences for communication, marketing, and other use cases. They’ve proven to be an excellent resource for internal meetings, training, knowledge distribution, lead generation, and customer support.

If you want to leverage webcasts for lead generation, you need powerful content and a pragmatic, interesting delivery. However, a lot hinges on the webcast service you choose. Here is a list of the top five webcast service providers we recommend.

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Webinar.net combines the advantages of a feature-rich webinar platform with support for very large events, providing you with a way to create engaging, large webcasts. Their interface is simple to use, and the platform is full of features targeted towards engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

Webinar.net also provides rich insight that you can cultivate after each webcast to tailor further events and maximize their impact.


GlobalMeet is one of the most versatile and trusted webcast service providers with a large client base. Using the cloud-based SaaS model, GlobalMeet makes it easy for you to create and customize webcasts of all shapes and sizes.

You get high-quality video streaming, live and on-demand modes, excellent security, branding tools, and support for both self-service and managed operation modes.


This platform can help you create huge webcasts with up to 10,000 attendees. The feature set lends itself well to different use cases, including training, product demos, team projects, and marketing ventures.

However, where ClickMeeting really shines is a scenario where you want to monetize your webcasts. You can easily sell tickets to virtual events and set up different payment methods. ClickMeeting has a wide variety of integrations spanning from payment processors to project management platforms. Because of the variety of integrations, you should be able to make your webcast work for you and earn you money.

ON24 Webcast Elite

If engagement and conversions are your primary goals, it is tough to beat ON24 Webcast Elite. Unlike webinars, webcasts are not usually truly interactive. ON24 Webcast Elite helps you overcome this barrier by providing class-leading engagement tools and features. They also provide several tools specifically tailored for lead generation and conversion.

To top it off, Webcast Elite has an intelligent back-end that can understand and capture buying signals, which provides valuable insight that you can then integrate with your marketing platform or CRM (Customer Relations Management). Webcast Elites integration capabilities take things beyond what regular webcast service providers can offer.

Cisco Webex

A trusted and revered name among webcast service providers, Cisco Webex comes with support for very large events of up to 100,000 attendees and class-leading features. From registration and reminders to delivering on-demand recordings, you can get expert help at every step.

Cisco even provides technical advice and helps you do a test run before an actual event. They have exemplary support and provide an extensive resource library that you can consult.

Closing Thoughts

Leveraging a webcast for lead generation requires proper support from your chosen webcast platform. Choose from these webcast service providers, and you can have excellent results across a wide variety of scenarios.