If you’re new to the realm of webinar hosting, there’s one golden rule that you need to know right off the bat: your webinar is only as successful as its marketing. While the subject, content, and overall presentation are all essential, what ultimately sells a webinar is its marketing. Having a thorough and compelling webinar marketing strategy in place is of the essence, if your goal is to host a successful webinar.

Confused about where to start? Here are a few crucial tips to help you develop the perfect webinar marketing strategy.

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All You Need to Know About How to Market a Webinar

  1. Establish your webinar goal by using a webinar framework

Before you get down to formulating your webinar marketing strategy, it’s vital that you first chalk out the explicit goals of your webinar. What are you looking to accomplish by hosting this webinar? What are your expectations from it? You can build the rest of your marketing strategy around this established goal, so make sure you put sufficient thought into it. Avoid vagueness or ambiguity, and make your goal clear and succinct.

  • Optimize your promotion with traffic-driving keywords

Perform in-depth research and prepare a list of traffic-driving keywords relevant to your chosen topic. Next, incorporate these keywords into all your promotional material, including the title and description of your webinar, emails, invitations, and social media posts. Incorporating keywords will drastically boost attendance rates and increase your webinar’s visibility. This webinar marketing strategy is ideal for driving long-term traffic to your webinars.

  • Target the right audience

The best webinar marketing strategy in the world will fall on deaf ears if you’re targeting the wrong audience. Carefully and meticulously analyze your potential audience and pick the demographics that are most likely to be interested in the topic of your webinar. Direct all your promotions to these demographics for the best turnout and conversion rates.

  • Email and social media marketing are your best friends

Besides leveraging unique and innovative webinar marketing ideas, don’t be afraid of taking the old-fashioned route—email marketing and social media marketing. These two channels remain two of the most reliable platforms for marketing your webinar. Include info about your webinar in your regular email newsletters and post announcements across your social media platforms. Make sure to follow up with reminders in the days leading up to the webinar for optimum attendance rates.

  • Don’t forget to follow up

Yes, there’s definitely such a thing as post-webinar marketing. In other words, the promotion of your webinar doesn’t end with the webinar; it continues through the following days after your webinar is complete. Therefore, you certainly do not want to leave this step out of your webinar marketing strategy.

Follow up with thank-you emails and share recordings and relevant materials from the live event with your attendees. You can also post chunks of info from your webinar slides on your social media handles. A solid post-webinar follow-up provides a more complete and well-rounded experience to your attendees and boosts audience retention.

A Winning Webinar Marketing Strategy

If implemented correctly, these simple tips can be a game-changer for your webinar marketing. Lastly, remember that your marketing strategy is unique to your use case and desired goal, so strategize accordingly. Need help with your webinar marketing plans? Contact Webinar.net today for more information.