Your goal in the weeks before you host a webinar is not only to promote the event exhaustively, but also to create a positive first impression on your target audience. The opinion that the audience forms of your company during this period is crucial in determining the ultimate turnout. An integral part of creating a positive first impression is sending out well-drafted email invitations to your marketing list.

If you’re unfamiliar with drafting effective email invites, you have come to the right place. We’re here to help take your webinar hosting to the next level by showing you how to create catchy email invitations. Keep these tips in mind while drafting your invitations and your attendance rates will go through the roof.

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Make a short and sweet value proposition

As you begin drafting your email invitation, the very first thing you need to do is write a value proposition. A value proposition will sum up the essence of your webinar. Ask yourself, what will the audience get out of my webinar hosting? Write the answer down in one succinct sentence. While you may not include the value proposition in the final invitation, it’ll serve as a guidepost around which you’ll be building the entire email.

Your subject line and header should express the value you’ll provide

While your webinar promotion involves several moving parts that’ll draw your target demographic to your event, there’s one component that matters above all else — the value that your audience gets out of it. As such, your email invitation should provide a clear, well-rounded idea of the same. What are the skills and knowledge that your attendees will walk away with? Use the subject line and header of your invitation to establish the value your webinar will provide. Make sure to incorporate the word “webinar” in the subject line.

An engaging yet simple banner image

Just like all your other promotional material, your email invitation, too, needs to be snappy and eye-catching. A boring wall of text will just not cut it. Instead, add an engaging but appropriate banner image with high-contrast lettering for that extra visual appeal. Include the word “webinar” in the top right corner of the image. Also, don’t forget a call-to-action button that leads the invitee straight to your landing page.

A concise description of the webinar

Now that you’ve established the overall value of your webinar hosting, provide a brief description of the event in three to four sentences. Mention the main purpose of the event, the challenges you’ll help your attendees tackle, the date, and the name of your speaker.

Add a list of the skills that your attendees will learn

This is the section of your email invitation in which you’ll discuss in clear terms the insights that your participants will walk away with. Make a list of bullet points and state the focus areas of your webinar.

Your Guide to Seamless Webinar Hosting The final cherry on top is a prominently-displayed CTA button at the end of your webinar invite that takes interested parties directly to the sign-up page. Now your invites are ready to be rolled out and drive people to your event.