With webinars being all the rage in recent years, your company has finally begun to leverage them as a marketing asset. Now what? Well, instead of restricting your marketing strictly to virtual or in-person events, why not use both? Hybrid events blend both virtual and live elements, enabling you to strike the perfect balance between the two. Hybrid events, as a marketing tool, are twice as powerful as a traditional format because they combine both in-person and virtual events.

A common misconception about hybrid events is that they’re difficult to organize. We’re here to tell you that hosting your own hybrid event is no rocket science and its many advantages make the effort well worth it. It entails an in-person event with a virtual component incorporated into it, so it becomes accessible to a live audience and a virtual audience simultaneously.

Here’s an overview of the myriad ways in which hybrid events can be the next best thing in your marketing toolbox.

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High attendance rates like never before

Think about all the people you can accommodate in a physical venue at one time and double or triple that number. That’s the kind of attendance you’ll be looking for when you host a hybrid event. An in-person event limits the turnout to those who can be physically present at the given location at the specified time. In the case of hybrid events, however, participants can join in from any part of the world. Hybrid events help extend your reach and allow you to include both a live audience and a virtual audience.

Sponsors love hybrid events

Hybrid events can be immensely valuable, not just for you but equally so for your sponsors. A report by Incon reveals that 72% of corporate sponsors would be interested in investing in hybrid solutions. The larger your audience, the larger and more diverse your sponsors’ lead pool. Hybrid events are the ideal setting for them to interact 1:1 with prospective customers while also networking with a virtual customer base.

Endless engagement opportunities

The virtual aspect of hybrid events opens up many more engagement avenues than a strictly in-presence event. Since many of your attendees are joining in through their computers and mobile devices, they can boost engagement by liking, sharing, commenting, and so on. Q&A sessions also become a lot more dynamic with a blended audience, making your engagement levels skyrocket.

Say goodbye to hefty travel costs

Are you working on a tight budget? Hybrid events can save hundreds in travel costs for all parties across the board as fewer employees, crew, and sponsors have to fly in to be present at the venue.

A glowing return on investment (ROI)

The kind of ROI that hybrid events bring to the table is unparalleled, which goes hand-in-hand with the scalability and increased reach that these events have on offer. High attendance rates translate into greater conversion rates and a plethora of data and analytics that you can leverage for future events.

Host your own hybrid event today

Now that you know all the wonders that hybrid events can work for your organization, what are you waiting for? Familiarize yourself with the workings of hybrid solutions and start hosting your own to reap their benefits.