With events and meetings shifting to a virtual space, webinar platforms are becoming more popular. Picking a professional webinar platform will help you host diverse webinars depending on your specific need. 

Let’s look at the five best webinar software platforms out there. We will also walk you through what makes them an excellent choice for your webinar. 

  1. Demio

What makes Demio one of the best is it has adapted well to the changing needs of groups today. A platform with power-packed features, Demio is relevant to current times. It offers both live and prerecorded videos, allows you to run interactive polls, manages surveys, shares live handouts, and much more. 

This webinar platform is ideal for nonprofits and education companies. These companies can receive a 50 percent discount. It also works great for marketing teams looking for live events.

  1. Livestorm

Livestorm goes beyond being a marketing tool. You can use it for demos and meetings for up to 12 people. A neat user interface and integration with collaboration tools, such as Miro, are what you can expect with Livestorm. On-demand webinars, live webinars, polls, instant meetings, and free training are some of Livestorm’s features. It also provides analytics that offers insights into how well your webinar is performing. 

Software and tech companies are best suited for Livestorm. 

  1. EverWebinar

Everything about EverWebinar makes it as good as it claims to be. The best thing about this platform is that you can automate your webinars and schedule them to play simultaneously. This allows the viewers to have a live experience. It also features the “just-in-time” webinar that reminds participants to join your next session.

If you want to generate leads through your prerecorded webinars, the automated EverWebinar is right for you.

  1.  WebinarJam 

Developed by the team at EverWebinar, this platform focuses more on streaming live webinars. However, it syncs with EverWebinar and gives you a wholesome webinar feel. Streaming, recording, branded pages, interaction, security, and analytics are some of its features. Also, it’s cheaper and more efficient than most of its peers.

Apart from the live streaming, the auto-record feature highlights WebinarJam. Those looking to conduct live webinars and associate them with EverWebinar are best suited for this platform.

  1. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is all about the nitty-gritty you look for in a webinar platform. From useful integrations to ad tracking and built-in e-mail notifications, this platform takes care of it all. WebinarNinja focuses more on creating a long-term customer base, and its beautiful platform design and functions reflect this. 

For marketers and businesses looking for a reliable platform, this is the right choice. WebinarNinja is slightly higher priced, so if you’re looking for something for 500 attendees or more, Demio is more appropriate. 

Key Webinar Facets

Choosing the right professional webinar software platform depends on your specific need, of course. Consider the number of attendees, the purpose of your webinar, and the cost. To get a feel of the platform, you could also have a round of free trials available. Most webinar platforms have these. The free trials give you an idea of the real-time experience using the platform and help you make an informed decision.