Internet-based live webinar platforms have emerged as a promising medium for hosting online meetings, video conferences, or marketing strategies. Here, we look at a few of the best webinar platforms that host Internet-based live webinars. We’ll also look at the features that make them so popular.

  • Intermedia AnyMeeting

As a webinar tool, Intermedia AnyMeeting features a user-friendly, intuitive interface that works perfectly for small organizations and educational institutions. What stands out is its HD video clarity, audio sharing, in-meeting surveys, and automatic recording. 

AnyMeeting allows up to six live speakers and 1,000 participants. You can test this platform with a 30-day free trial to see if it matches your requirements. You can also use AnyMeeting for video conferencing and meetings that help you collaborate with team members or clients.  

  • stands apart from its peers for its ease of use, high video quality, and wide range of customizable options. For example, with, you’ll be able to broadcast a live video in under 60 seconds using five simple steps! Also, this platform is 100 percent web-based, so participants don’t need to download it. automatically chooses the appropriate viewing media depending on whether the session is live or an on-demand webcast. With, you get in-session polling and surveys, customizable slides and registration landing pages, and video streaming. This platform is compatible with modern browsers.   

  • WebinarGeek

A cloud-based webinar software, WebinarGeek features live, on-demand, recorded, hybrid, and automated webinars. Along with HD+-quality videos, WebinarGeek includes polls and quizzes that boost interactivity among participants. 

This platform customizes webinars and presentations to great length, allowing the material to reflect the business’ personality. Among other features, WebinarGeek offers advanced marketing tools, such as custom registration and web forms. You can embed these into social media and feedback collection. 

  • GlobalMeet Webinar

GlobalMeet is also a cloud-based platform for live webcast and video streaming that is user-friendly, secure, and scalable. This platform works well for both small and large audiences and features powerful analytics and reporting structure.

GlobalMeet allows live streaming of HD content to thousands of attendees. Yet, it maintains enterprise-grade security that ensures the right people view your content. Along with live webinars, you can also record webcasts and host them in the cloud, which has unlimited storage capacity.

Among other features, GlobalMeet helps engage your audience with interactive features, such as polling, social media feeds, and surveys.

  • Proficonf

Among other Internet-based live webinar platforms, Proficonf is surely worth a mention. This platform, which is more inclined toward video conferencing than webinars, uses excellent quality videos that you can set up in seconds. 

Proficonf features an adaptive telecommunication technology that allows you great control over your webinars. It works within cutting-edge security protocols and enables you to play recorded webcasts on-demand. Also, you can link this platform to Facebook and YouTube. This allows you to stream live sessions without using any additional programs.

Your Look, Your Style

Webinar users want a simple yet well-equipped platform that boosts audience participation and streams quality videos. allows for an insane amount of customization. As a result, your webinar will reflect your organization, and your audience will experience a powerful presentation.