Pure Storage switched to webinar.net, one of ON24’s Competitors, and saved 60% in OPEX Cost at a Fraction of ON24’s renewal fees.

INDUSTRY: Technology
WEBINAR.NET SOLUTION: Enterprise 1,000 & Client Admin
SUMMARY: Pure Storage, an industry leader in the flash storage industry, was coming up for renewal on their legacy ON24 Webcast Elite. Originating channel partner focuses webinars globally for up to approximately 1,000 partners, they were able to leverage webinar.net’s platform to provide a robust attendee console, full data analytics, and customer supp while paying a fraction of the ON24 renewal.


Pure Storage is redefining the storage experience and empowering innovators by simplifying how people consume and interact with data. A 100% channel friendly organization, Pure Storage empowers innovators to build a better world with data – and partnering is one of their core objectives.



Pure Storage was running approximately 100 channel webcasts globally on an annual basis consisting of presenter video, slides, resources and Q&A. When it came time for their annual contract renewal – Pure Storage was presented with a significantly higher renewal due to originating webcasts outside of the Americas. These additional costs to originate webcasts out of the EMEA and APAC region made for a large OPEX challenge.  

Pure Storage reached out to webinar.net, one of ON24’s competitors, for a fully branded end-to-end webinar platform that would not interrupt the current channel experience, but also solve the OPEX challenges they were being faced with from ON24. Working with webinar.net, Pure Storage needs were clearly outlined:

"High End, yet Simple & Effective Webinar & Virtual Event Platform"

Steve Block
Sr Director of Partner Strategy



Global Deployment - Speed & Data Security

webinar.net ‘s AWS global deployment reach allows for regional Pure Storage organizations to have their data reside in region as well as for decreasing latency for their presenters and attendees. With webinar.net’s Global Client Admin, they were also able to gain access to data analysis for the regional events in one single pane of glass

Cost Savings & Increased Capabilities

Pure Storage ended up saving over 60% in OPEX savings switching over from their legacy ON24 Elite platform to webinar.net’s Enterprise 1,000 plan in addition to gaining the additional webinar platform features (Full Editing Suite, API Integration, Captioning, Certification and modern user interface).

Leveraging the LAB - Full Editing Suite Access

Pure Storage runs a pretty significant amount of Live to On-Demand sessions, but are no moving over to Pre-Recorded Live Sessions for their customer engagements which can all be processed seamlessly and simply in the LAB - the full editing suite from webinar.net. This allows for product management team to provide content that is polished and then can be rolled out to regional markets.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Pure Storage value’s webinar.net dedicated support team set up. Having a full dedicated team to assist you with questions and support throughout the license is a key driving force for making the switch off of ON24.



Immediate OPEX Savings

Pure Storage realized a 60% savings in OPEX bottom line.

Real-Time Analytics

Leveraging webinar.net’s real-time reporting, Pure Storage is able to better enable and train their channel partner community.

Consistent Audience

Pure Storage constantly sees a 45%+ on average attendee vs. registration Live attendance report...in addition another 15% leverage the automated email system in webinar.net to watch the On-Demand recordings.
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