Businesses around the world use webcasts in a myriad of ways to increase their bottom line. From hosting online events and meetings to putting on in-depth workshops, webcasts give companies a tremendous amount of flexibility. And with the number of innovative features found on most webcast platforms, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that webcasts are continually finding broader and broader use.

If you’re not already, it only makes sense to leverage a webcast platform to improve your business. For one, webcasts are more accessible and simpler to set up than webinars. Here are a few other reasons why you should add this tool to your organization.

1) Reaches a larger audience

Live, in-person events have a finite reach, especially in recent years. With webcasts, however, you can open up your event to more people. Since webcasts are hosted over the internet, more potential attendees and customers can access the event remotely, from a device of their choosing.

Moreover, if some of your intended audience does miss the live event, you can record your webcasts for later viewing, expanding your reach even further.

2) Time and cost-efficient

Attending in-person events can involve substantial travel costs and logistical hurdles, decreasing the number of participants. With webcasts, attendees can simply enjoy your webcasts from the comfort of their home or any other remote location.

Overall, webcasts can save your business a lot of time, money, and additional headaches.

3) Facilitates preservation and easy-sharing of company knowledge

If you are looking to share information while also cataloging it for the future, webcasts can be your friend. Once you include any information in a webcast, it’s preserved indefinitely as a recording.

Since people can either attend webcasts live or view the recording at a later date, it acts as reference material. Your information is easily accessible by other target audiences and shared with others.

4) Provides an indexed archive of events

In-person meetings and events are vibrant, lively and nuanced. Meeting minutes or transcriptions of events can’t hope to capture the energy or the nuanced contexts of everything said. If you really want a quality archive, audio-visual is a must.

Webcasts excel in this regard. Plus, you can index and search recorded webcasts, making it that much easier for your employees and customers to access the information that they need.

5) Increases interaction

Beyond the prospect of a rich audio-visual experience, webcast attendees are spoiled for choice when it comes to interactivity. Webcasts can include Q&A sessions, polls, and other interactive activities. Social media integrations also enable attendees to share their thoughts in real time.

In short, webcast platforms offer no shortage of interactive tools to boost engagement and participation; attendees will be itching to participate in such interactive experiences.

Final thoughts

It’s clear that if you choose the right webcast platform, there are substantial benefits for your business. Whether it’s a streamlined and efficient workflow, a rich archive of vital information or holding interactive, remote events and meetings, the investment in webcasts practically pays for itself.