Businesses routinely use webcasts to disseminate powerful and engaging content to larger audiences. For many, this content has utility beyond that one-time watch. The rationale behind recording a webcast might well be the recall value of the information you present. Otherwise, you might even record a webcast if you are busy during the live event and want to catch it later.

If you need to record a webcast in the near future, here are the best webcast recording software in 2022 for you to choose from.

  • OBS Studio

At the very top of our list of the best webcast recording software is the free, open-source OBS Studio. OBS allows you to capture both audio and video directly from your webcam or browser, and it is one of the most widely used software of its kind. OBS splits the recording into scenes along with text, custom transitions, and images. OBS also offers a plethora of video and audio editing features that make it all the more ideal for recording webcasts. If you’re looking to leave your webcast up for on-demand viewing, its audio mixing and noise suppression features are exceptionally handy.

  • Movavi

What makes Movavi one of our top choices is that it allows users to record video and audio as well as just the audio without the video. It also supports the simultaneous recording of two separate webcasts. Want to further illustrate the points made in your webcast? Movavi also allows you to draw or write on videos to provide added visual aid. The software lets users schedule webcast recordings in advance and set a time limit for the scheduled recording. Our favorite part is that Movavi comes for a flat fee instead of an annual or monthly cost.

  • Droplr

Droplr lets you easily capture still and video screenshots from webcasts. These are automatically stored in the cloud and can be shared using secure links. You can augment this simple workflow with advanced features like branding support, AI-based redaction, and several integrations with popular cloud platforms. The tool integrates encryption features and is fully GDPR compliant.

  • Monosnap

Monosnap offers you a quick and easy way to capture still and video screenshots from webcasts. You can then process these recordings in a variety of ways. Add annotations to highlight important details or hide sensitive areas with the blur tool. You can export the recording to an external editor for more granular editing. Completed recordings are easily uploaded and shared to a variety of cloud platforms.

  • Screencast-O-Matic

An enterprise-level solution with many outstanding features, Screencast-O-Matic makes it easy to set up a screen recorder and record webcasts. However, you can then take advantage of the included video editor to cut and edit the recording for maximum utility. Paid members also have access to a large and diverse library of stock music, photos, and videos that you can embed into the recording to create professional-quality presentations. Additional collaboration tools and cloud uploads can be an added bonus.

If you’re looking for that ideal webcast recording software that best fits your use case, pick one from this list, and you cannot go wrong. Need help picking the perfect software for your business? Contact today.