Hybrid events can be a salient way to integrate a virtual audience with an in-person event without losing any impact or interaction. They can provide businesses with a wider audience and a one-of-a-kind experience to offer potential customers and stakeholders. Over time, businesses have found creative and innovative uses for hybrid webinar software to market their products efficiently and effectively.

Here are seven examples of companies using hybrid webinar software for excellent marketing results.

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GlitchCon, Twitch’s hybrid version of the immensely popular TwitchCon for 2019, showed how virtual events could be a great community-building tool. Twitch used a real live event feel, and the event itself was complete with keynote addresses, gaming tournaments, and musical performances.

With the help of hybrid webinar software, this event reached millions of people in their homes. Attendees enjoyed a live event feel with ingredients like tournament participation, live streams, and panel discussions without leaving their jobs or homes.

Apple’s Product Launch

Apple often paves the way for new technologies and philosophies with its products and services. They used a hybrid event to launch their exciting new line of products in 2021, showcasing their homegrown M1 chip. With every launch, Apple invites a lot of intense attention from its loyal global user base. Using hybrid webinar software provided them with a way to maintain the integrity and originality of their launch event while including a much wider audience.

Austrian Wine Marketing Board Wine-Tasting Event

This excellent event used hybrid webinar software to put wine tasters in touch with suppliers in remote locations. With virtual meetings and live chat, the tasters could learn in-depth about the wines, read the documentation and technical specifications, and even place orders on the fly.

MPI’s WEC Grapevine

The WEC Grapevine is one of the most successful hybrid events in history, with over 1,000 virtual attendees and 600 in-person guests. The laid-back vibe of the event complements the full participation from the online guests through breakout sessions and chat.


The sought-after INBOUND event that brings together professionals from multiple industries was a grand success after going hybrid. It offered the same interactive and entertaining experience with stellar performances and reputed speakers. The virtual attendees not only got to participate, but they also could enjoy the show later with on-demand recordings.

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference

This hybrid conference is the playground for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners worldwide. The conference focuses on providing high-quality insight and training related to different forms of marketing to succeed in the modern business landscape.


The digital marketing behemoth MozCon knocked it out of the park with its hybrid event MozCon and its on-demand recordings. Professionals around the world love their content on topics like online marketing and SEO, and these resources provide excellent help and assistance for professionals looking to learn these topics.

Concepts to Ponder These seven examples are only a few critical examples of hybrid events that helped companies reach a wider, more interactive audience with ease. With the use of hybrid webinar software, you can also leverage hybrid events to provide encapsulating content and participation opportunities to your audience all over the world.